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Should Asami and Mako get back together? 

30 deviants said Yep! Shouldn't have been a mishap in the first place
22 deviants said Nope...dude he was with the Avatar...come on now!
16 deviants said Maybe she should get with General Iroh...

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone that has been reading and commenting on my fics:) Your eyes and attention are much appreciated !





Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 3:56 PM
Hello my a question for you...

Don't you hate when you are chatting with someone and as soon as the conversation gets good, they disappear offline? It gets on my nerves, personally, makes me think  I'm boring them. Then again people have the attention spans of fleas, nowadays.... 


Journal Entry: Tue Nov 11, 2014, 5:58 AM
Hey all...

Well, on Sudany night,  my mom accidentally hit Jin, my little Siamese kitten with her car.  I'm ok though. I did get a chance to hold her and rub her little paws that night before it happened. It really sucked because I was having such a wonderful day. 

Tata and Kouga- All I Ask of You by missmjwilson
Tata and Kouga- All I Ask of You
"In comes the dawn,
I've fallen asleep with my head pressed against your flaws,
All my love,
And something got in the way,
And your soul turned black as the sun grows somber,
Took my heart, and my love (and my love)

All I ask of you (all I ask of you)
Just open up a little bit more ...
(Just open up a little bit more)
All I ask of you ...
Just open up a little bit more ...
(Just open up a little bit more) ..."

A pic I commissioned from :iconroryalice: for my Inuyasha AU fic "Walls" featuring Kouga and my Half black-half Japanese OC Natari "Tata-chan" Asahi-Merrill. In this fic Tata is an accomplished author, having written a book called "How to Fall in Love Without Bumping Your Head" while Kouga is a realtor by day, stripper/host  by night.  How does this even work? Tata is a little hesitant, wondering if a relationship with a man who basically lies to women for profit could EVER work...Kouga, is dazzled by her but would love to get to know her...while she's sober...

InuYasha and characters owned by Rumiko Takahashi
OC  "Natari" owned by me
Song lyrics "All I Ask of You" by Skrillex
Art created by :iconroryalice: and paid for by me :iconmissmjwilson: 

If You're a Man...Show Me the Evidence!!!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 2, 2014, 5:02 AM
Y'all  am over here beaming, and you won't believe why...

I had a really good day at work yesterday...I even found out that my ex-manager ( the bitch( had called my clients at their homes, cancelling their appts with me which explained why I hadn't seen or heard from them in months. These clients in particular knew that something had been up and made a special trip to come see me. That bitch played friend in my face only to stab me in my back as she had done others, but look who is still employed. The last I saw her, she was on the local news stating her reasons for living at a homeless shelter. Well, when you waste money on pills and other drugs, what the heck do you expect? When you lie, cheat, and steal other people's tips, what do you expect? Karma is a bitch. 

Now, this part of the journal is the kicker...this Marine I dated from Valentine's day up until Mother's Day ( when he started avoiding communication with me for two weeks, then told me he got a DWI ) , has been looking for me, for what, I don't know and he always has another girl with him. Well, I was clocked out looking at IT Cosmetics brushes, and I hear "Hey." I'm looking around like "what the heck"...and out of the corner of y eye, I see him.  I'm cool, I say "hey" and keep doing what I'm doing. He asked how I've been and of course I tell him "I 'm doing spectacular, I'm back in the gym training full time so I can compete again." He gets quiet then asks if I'll be doing lifting competitions, and modeling again. I tell him there will be future modeling projects on my own accord and I will compete again. One of my coworkers who also knew him well when we were dating interjected a convo with me, and I could tell that guilt was eating at him. This guy had made acquaintance with my coworkers, came to my job to pick me up from work and even brought me flowers. He also came over to my home and cooked dinner for us and took me out for " anniversaries" ( his idea). Brought me around his friends...only to avoid me, lie to  me, an walk away.

My coworker told me that he had asked if I still "hated" him and even introduced her to his WIFE. What? If you're so happily married why the hell are you looking for me? And you've known the chick for what, two months?

I don't know if any of you have any exposure to the military, but these guys and girls will marry someone for off-base benefits no love involved. When he and I were dating, suddenly, he was running out of money. There were times where I'd pick up the tab or spot him for gas, but if you get paid on the 1st, why are you broke on the 3rd? Women always know when something is up and after not hearing form him for more than two days I was mentally tearing away. I always give people  enough rope to hang themselves.  He needed money, knew if used me or lied to me, in the same fashion my ex-husband did, he would have to deal with the wrath of the Universe, so he parlayed, did what he did. If he was TRULY in love with his WIFE he wouldn't give a rat's ass whether I cared about him or not. 

This only lets me know how amazing I am as a woman. When we were on better terms, he took me out on some really awesome dates and I was so happy and confident. Someone had finally seen me for the awesome woman that I am. He walked away because he respected me...granted, the manner was not that of a man, but he can't be something that he isn't. He fell into the stereotypical Marine Corps guy behavior and knew I wasn't about that false life. He did me a favor. 

As far as "hating" him...nah. I was pissed for a moment, but I joined the gym two months after he dumped me and I am feeling better than ever because of my focus. I was never the one to pose full body selfies from my phone but as I started seeing results, I did and connected with guys and girls who were serious about fitness and I could have those conversations. He told me one very important thing : "I love your brain." I will always hold this compliment close to me. Because I started using my logic in our situation and not my emotions. I started walking away from people who were trash and spent more time enriching myself. I realized where I had been going wrong; I was too busy nurturing everyone else and not giving myself enough. I'm no one's momma. And if he hadn't walked away, I wouldn't have met the wonderful, handsome, humble young man that I call my MANCRUSH. Incidentally, he is 100% Irish while the ex was Irish/German. Hmmm...maybe I'm a magnet.

Anyhoo, I am thankful I met him. I learned that I am worthy and deserving of so much and I'm smarter than most people give me credit for. SO no, I don't hate him...I'm too mature for that. I can only wish him the same. 

New New

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 27, 2014, 4:17 PM
Hello my darlings!!!!!

I just updated a chapter to one of my Kouga/Natari stories called "Walls". I've had several life interruptions. Well now, my mom has a brand new laptop with Windows 8 and a new Samsung Galaxy S4 so now I can write with no hiccups.  I also have a new S4 and even though sometimes it's a bitch to swipe to unlock, it's a rather spectacular piece of techie poo. I can hear my deviantpARTner clearer on the phone, I have better emojis for Facebook, I can text better and they will actually go through, and I can send pics from my computer to my phone easier. The only thing that sucks is I lost all my contacts and even some work pictures because the battery in my old phone got SWOLLEN. The  guys at Sprint couldn't even open it back of the phone to take it out it was so bad.

I will be updating "Vain" and a few other fics. Stuff is written, I just have to edit and post. I also had to download new music and Sam Smith , OCD: Moosh and Twist, and Hoodie Allen have been giving me so much life. And of course, Skrillex has been a very integral part of my life as his musci gets me thru some pretty wicked workouts.  And speaking of those, They've been going pretty well. I feel better, I feel stronger. I feel like me in college when ALL I did was train...and go to the library. 

I've been getting notifications from about people faving my first Avatar fic...yeah, I need to finisn my updating of that, it's just a matter of finding all those files and making sure they are in order. I kinda wanna finish that Thundercats fanfic too, even though the series ended...which SUCKS. Cartoon Network, I tell ya... maybe they have episodes online somewhere.

And on the subject of cats...King Bumi, my orange and white cat has been missing for four days...Jin is doing well and Rorsharch is pregnant again. I can't beleive in two years I have 11 cats, but it's cool, because I have a random story to tell my clients when they ask. Some people think I'm nuts, others are impressed that they have such particular names. I tell ya, those cat food coupons come in handy. However,  I must find a heating pad to place under the special bed I made them so they don't get cold this fall/winter. Well, now I rambling.... 



missmjwilson's Profile Picture
Everybody's Onii-sama
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Follow me on Twitter: @MissJayna

According to my okaa-san, I started drawing at the age of 18 months. She still has my first piece of artwork in the family album in our old house. i used to draw comics based on my favorite Saturday morning cartoons like "Jem" and"Ghostbusters" and basically just drew all the time. I also designed fashion when I was a teenager. I started writing fanfics in 2002 for other fandoms and am happily writing fanfics on deviant art :)

What are you're favorite makeup brands?
- In no particular order: IT Cosmetics, MAC, Kat Von D, Urban Decay and NYX.

Favorite haircare brands?
-TIGI BedHead, Big Sexy Hair, Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, Kinky Curly, Design Essentials and Redken

Favorite Skin Care line?
-This is dependent on the client's skin care needs and I use products prescribed by my Dermatologist

How do you plan your commissions?
I have to really analyze and judge just how important the scene will be visually. I m also inspired by music, culture and colors. There is always some type of symbolism in all of the pieces I commission.

Are your OC's based on you?
-Actually, my Oc's are based on women that I wish I WAS when I was there age(s). I wish I had the confidence they had...not to mention their wealth.

Are you gonna model anytime soon?

Will you compete in bodybuilding/figure again?
-Probably! It's a little tough to get a workout in nowadays, but i haven't abandoned the weights, trust me. In fact I go mall walking early in the morning with the senior citizens

How many piercings are in your navel?

-Living in the country, mosquitos, fleas, roaches, racist people who try to fake it, people who are rude for no reason, people who walk slow in front of me when i have to pee, acne, acne scars, people who dont wipe off their sweat on the gym equipment, and people with no sense of humor.


My momma, my cats, my Kindle Fire, my fanfics, my devart friends, my earring collections, my hair when it's red, plums, sakura blossoms, waterproof black liquid eyeliner, Kat Von D, makeup, and bright colors.

Current Residence: North Carolina
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Print preference: smallest
Favourite genre of music: All types
Favourite photographer: Too many to name
Favourite style of art: Renaissance, Comic, Semi-Realism, Manga, Makeup artistry
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Cheetah print!
Skin of choice: Smooth, not hairy
Favourite cartoon/anime character: Jem!!!!! Thundercats! Kouga!
Personal Quote: what now? kthankxbye!


Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 3:56 PM
Hello my a question for you...

Don't you hate when you are chatting with someone and as soon as the conversation gets good, they disappear offline? It gets on my nerves, personally, makes me think  I'm boring them. Then again people have the attention spans of fleas, nowadays.... 


Hey Beautiful Whats upp and how was your easter
Tue Apr 22, 2014, 7:21 PM
You are truly one extraordinary woman with a great heart. Take care :love:
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 10:42 AM
thank you! but all the artwork is commissions! i just write!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 6:06 PM
You are very beautiful and so are your work!!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 12:27 AM
You are very beautiful and so are your work!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 12:25 AM
Thanks for the Watch!! Check me out here too! :)
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 2:44 PM
Sun May 12, 2013, 9:08 PM
Thank you :)
Mon Apr 1, 2013, 7:03 PM
Beautuful and cool too? Happy Birthday Ma!!!!!
Mon Apr 1, 2013, 1:59 PM
Hey Ma! Whats up!!!!
Sun Jan 6, 2013, 10:33 PM


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