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The Riot Act-Prelude
I had to go back and re-edit this one and add a bit more  dialogue. I've re-written this  twice, because my computer did something weird. 

Jem and all characters owned by Samantha Newark and Hasbro

"Prisoner" song owned by Jeffree Star and performed with Jeffree Star and Porcelain Black

Preview art bought by me and drawn by  :iconroryalice:

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Disclaimer: Beverly Hills Teens is not my property only my OC Areli “Rocksi” is. The series is owned by DIC/Cookie Jar and others involved. This is a mixture of sweet and sass, so a few little naughty words and some “intimate” situations may slip, causing you to blush a little. But I do promise you some laughs and some realness; life imitates art. Rated M

by Missmjwilson

“ I'm so addicted to all the things
You do when you're going down on me
In between the sheets
All the sound you make
With every breath you take-” Saving Abel

Chapter 35 pt. 2- Addicted to You

””, said a robotic voice, sounding very similar to SIRI, serving as the electronic guard for “ORACLE” the surveillance/control room of Beverly Hills High School. Because of the huge expense and liability of the  cameras and supercomputers, very few people were awarded badges with electronic chips were molded from their unique fingerprints. As a result of Rocksi's father being the creator of SIRI as well as the creator of ORACLE's “voice”, her access was grandfathered. The lovely girl of multicultural heritage, was also a computer/graphics wiz, due to her job as a game designer.

Chester, who was paid to man the controls during his lunch hour, so the other technician could have a break, looked at the screen, seeing Rocksi standing outside of the door.

”Oh, what a nice surprise, okay, let her in, “ said Chester, using the joystick that controlled the focus and zoom options of the surveillance cameras installed all over the school grounds. After spying Wilshire, who was standing outside of Bianca's private locker room holding two Louis Vuitton suitcases, Chester zoomed in, remembering the accidental show he and Rocksi had witnessed not too long ago.

”Hmmm, why would Bianca need suitcases?” asked Chester to himself, hitting a red button, putting the clarity at hi-definition. “This is worth investigating.”

After an electronic fusama- style door had opened, shutting smoothly behind her, Rocksi, shivering from the sudden blast of cold air from the AC, carefully stepped out of her expensive shoes, pushing them into a corner with her foot.

“Bumbeclot!  It's cold in 'ere! You know us island people love heat!” Rocksi joked, hugging her arms around herself, the cool air going through her leather jacket. Just like the school's library and computer lab, the control room was a damn icebox.

”Hey Chester, yuh will not believe the text I got before I went to class,” she called, setting down her  Louis Vuitton bookbag by her shoes. “You might fall out of your chair; bust your ass, even.”  Chester, turning around in his rolling chair, smiled, always happy to see his beautiful friend, her wavy hair, seemingly having a wind of its own.

”Hello my genetically-blessed female comrade of blended origin, “ said Chester, holding out his arms for a hug. Chuckling, Rocksi leaned down, giving her favorite boy genius a strong hug, kissing him tenderly on the cheek. Chester, was probably the cutest, sweetest, most  intelligent, and earnest guy in the Teen Club.  Looking over his shoulder, she gasped, her mouth dropping.

”What's wrong, Rocski, was I smushing your boobs?” asked Chester, when Rocksi released him. Shaking her head, pointing to the monitor, Rocksi singled out the camera that was hidden inside Bianca's locker room. Placing her hands on her hips like a scolding school marm, Rocski, narrowing her hazel eyes at Chester, primped her lip, raising her well-arch brow.

”Well...I mean....” , Chester blushed, knowing that he'd been caught. Unable to explain his nosiness, the boy genius shrugged. “ dad doesn't have a subscription to Penthouse, and I can't get dates, so...”

”Yuh rude, rude boi, yeh?” she scolded, her mixed accent showing through, her hazel, almond-shaped eyes, narrowing. “Don' tell mi yuh do this often.”

”I mean...It's better than downloading porn,” he squeaked, while Rocksi, her bare feet already numb with cold, walked over to  the rolling chair  beside him. “I mean...I haven't said anything, and I know you always keep quiet, Rocksi.”

”How..many times have yuh seem them screwing?” asked Rocksi, curiously, rubbing one of her heels. Chester, holding up one hand, began counting on his fingers.

”So far, this is only the second time I've seen them, but that's not to say they haven't done it anywhere else on school grounds,” said Chester. “I guess they like the thrill of possibly getting caught.”

“Oh I hope yuh sistah neveh catches wind of this,” said Rocski, crossing one leg over the other. “This story is jus' to juicy. Imagine if word got out that Bianca was fucking 'the help' , she emphasized, making quotation marks with two fingers on each hand. “Ghayl's life would be ovah. Wilshire would look like a champ but she'd probably leave school, dye her hair blonde, change her name, and move to Cyprus.”

”Cyprus? That is so random,” Chester remarked, leaning back in his chair, placing his clasped hands on his belly, an Apple Watch donning his wrist. “So, what's this 'peculiar text' you received?”

”Jeezum Pees ...Pierce....has asked mi to join him afterschool for a mani-pedi at Fifi's Spa and Salon,” said Rocksi, uncrossing her shivering, leather-clad legs. “Granted, I could use a good foot massage considering I was running around the luau last night in five inch heels.”

”And not missing a beat, and you looked so great doing it...wearing a sarong at that,” Chester remembered fondly. “Did you ever catch up with Shanelle and Buck? They were so cozy.”

”Oh yeah, I saw mi cousin lookin' fire 'n ice in that silver bikini. Fuckin' finally. After I made her burn that evil, ugly, dress-pant jumpsuit-evening gown shit, I sat her ass in her chair and put her on  to the Venus Swimwear  website,” said Rocksi with a wave of her hand. “Didn't get a chance to talk a lot, but de party tun up, and everyone was havin' fun!”

”Yeah...I wish I could rewind time and go back. Our formals aren't ever that live,” said Chester with an eyeroll. “I never gat a chance to dance at those. So, are you gonna hang out with Pierce or are you gonna decline?”

”Shhhiiddd....I may as well hang out,” Rocksi answered, pushing back a curl that was aggravating her forehead. “It'd be a good place to start to get to know 'im a little better, I mean I defend 'im so much. However, when we were on his yacht with Larke and Troy, I learned more about his fascination with Larke than about him.”

”Oh..isn't it sickening?” asked Chester with a screwed face. “The way he has pictures of her on the walls of his personal locker room...I could only imagine what his yacht could look like.”

”He has little gold statues made in his own likeness, then he has statues of Larke,” Rocksi added, shaking her foot out of habit. “It's almost creepy.”

”Creepy, but yet you still have interest in him?” asked Chester with a raised brow. “Is it the challenge that turns you on?”

”Nah, I think there's an underlying reason why he's so stuck on her. I mean you all call yuhselves a 'club' but you don't treat each other right, there's no united front. The girls don't ask yuh to dance because of yuh height and age, they shun Pierce because he's supposedly 'vain', and they treat poor Wilshire like....well now....Wat 'ave wi here?”  Rocksi rambled, suddenly distracted, turning to the monitor. “ Holy shit!”

”Huh, what's the...oh hell...?” said Chester, taking a glance of his own, his jaw dropping....


”I'm so addicted to...All the things you do...When you're going down on me...In between the sheets....All the sound you make...With every breath you take...It's unlike anything...When you're loving me...

Bianca Dupri had wasted no time....

”There you're late, you shiftless lummox!” she barked, when the electronic door of her locker open. Wilshire, who was actually 5 minutes early, stepped in carefully, a Louis Vuitton suitcase in either hand. Bianca's icy green eyes, and furrowed brow watched as the door closed securely behind him , blocking out passersby and faculty alike. Wilshire, not appreciating being called a “lummox”, glared at her, wanting to take her by her pretty fragile neck and choke-kiss her. She would pay dearly for her isolence.

”Sorry, Bianca,” he answered flatly, as the pink panther slinked closer to him in her matching Christian Louboutins in a sea of pink carpet.

”There, now no one will suspect,” said Bianca, haughtily, her luscious, Pilates-toned body and tennis butt poured into a pink off shoulder dress, leaning into Wilshire , fiercely grabbing the lapels of his jacket. “You're my little secret, and that's how we should keep it,” she sang adding an evil laugh. Wilshire, closing his eyes, relaxed his body, feeling the handles of the suitcases leaving his fingers, dropping loudly, onto the floor.

'Oh girl lets take it slow...So as for you well you know where to go...I want to take my love and hate you 'til the end...'


The scent of her perfume was like a psychedelic drug, making him unaware of the present moment.  Suddenly Wilshire became numb, and for a moment the world went silent. All he saw was Bianca's seemingly angry, pin-pained mouth parting, yelling things that would disgrace and “demean” her own mind.

”WILSHIRE! YOU CLUMSY OAF! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH LOUIS VUITTON LUGGAGE COSTS?” Bianca bellowed, grabbing him aggressively by the lapels of his work jacket, shaking him, her perfectly arched, dark brows knit into a guise of  heated displeasure. Wilshire, tuning back in,  getting really tired of the ungrateful, raven -haired demoness's shitty attitude,  suddenly gripped Bianca by either of her tiny wrists tightly, making her fingers flail against his chest.

'What?' Bianca thought, feeling her jaw drop in surprise, meeting her peridot green eyes with the  gleam rushing through Wilshire's cinnamon brown peepers. Instead of anger she saw indifference, cold, arrogance, yet confidence. His grip was not gentle, and his stance was not wavering. Not only were his muscles growing, so was his backbone.

”Bianca, stop fucking yelling at me over mundane shit, or I'll be forced to punish you,” Wilshire answered sternly, tightening his grip on her wrists, his cinnamon-colored eyes glaring in her peridot ones. “I shit you not.”

”Bumbeclot!” said Rocksi, her hazel eyes filled with horror. She'd never seen Wilshire so devoid of emotion before, and never knew Bianca had the capabilities of being so cruel. As much as Rocksi liked Bianca, and considered her misunderstood, Rocksi wanted to reach through the ORACLE's screen, and choke the raven-haired hussy until her head popped off.

”You wouldn't dare,” Bianca smirked, trying to maintain her composure, feeling the area below her navel becoming wet. “You wouldn't dare punish Bianca Dupri. You don't have the balls.”

Wilshire, chuckling sardonically, turned his head to the side. No this bitch...didn't.“I don't have my balls because you were swallowing them last night in the limo, remember?” he retorted, noticing how quickly she turned red, and suddenly she couldn't look him in the face. “You said they tasted like mangoes...or was it peaches? How did my asshole taste Bianca, because I could swear I felt the tip of your...”

”Wilshire!” Bianca gasped in horror. “Lower your voice.”

Chester and Rocksi's jaws dropped to the floor. Rocksi felt horrible for even watching a scene that was clearly none of her damn business, but in truth, she wanted to see Wilshire win. Chester, taking off his glasses, pulled a cleaning cloth from his lab coat pocket, quickly cleaning the lenses.

”This is just some shit you can't unsee, Rocksi,” he explained, placing his glasses back onto his face. “If  only you knew...ohmigawd...Bianca has publicly humiliated and emasculated Wilshire for so long. I have seen this guy crying under the bleachers from all the mean things she has said to him...and to see this...Wilshire Brentwood getting his balls out of her Prada bag, Wilshire Brentwood not taking any shit. Look at him...he was once a soft, doughy, stocky guy, and now he's working out diligently, eating healthy...taking care of his hair, even...and now Bianca's fucking him?”

'It's not like you to turn away...From all the bullshit I can't take...It's not like me to walk away..'

Rocksi, resting her elbow on the console of the supercomputer, scratched the front of her hair, amazed and appalled at the high-definition enhanced  torrid “teenage lover's quarrel” going on in front of her. This was far better than a movie, and too real for television.

”First of all, Chester, I'm  s'prised to 'ear yuh curse,” said Rocksi, shaking her head of wavy hair. “And this..this little prelude to a  porn we're watchin'...Bianca is clearly fallin' in love with 'im, and she won't admit it.”

”Wilshire, you're hurting me,” Bianca gasped, looking at the redness appearing in her wrists. “Let me go, please?”

”As you wish,” said Wilshire, releasing her wrists, slowly. As the frustrated, insulted, butler turned to walk away, in the mood to fuck, but not fuck a bitch,  Bianca,  reached for Wilshire, trying to catch him by the back of his jacket. As luck would have it, the posh, princess primped in pink, tripped  over a suitcase, falling  hard onto the floor in a loud thud.

' With every breath you take...It's unlike anything...When you're loving me...'

”Oh, shit, Bianca just ate a mouthful of pink carpet,” said Chester, rubbing his forehead. Rocksi couldn't help but chuckle, holding in her joke. It would have flown over  Chester's head, anyway.

“Ow!” the spoiled Italian- Romanian Princess winced, the impact stunning her through her breasts. “My boobs! ” Humiliated, lying in a beautiful heap, Bianca, cursing softly, hid her face in abashment with one hand, covering her boobs with her other arm, pain wracking through her body.

”Owwww....” she winced like a spoiled baby, hoping Wilshire would change his mind about leaving.

'Karma is a bitch', thought Wilshire, stopping in his tracks after hearing Bianca eat a face full of floor. Knowing he couldn't very well leave her in a time of distress despite his ire, the butler, releasing a heavy exhale, turned around, his heart nearly breaking.

'I'm so addicted to all the things....You do when you're going down on me....In between the sheets...All the sound you make...'

”Holy shit, Bianca, are you hurt?” asked Wilshire,dropping down to his knees in front of her. “That sounded like a pretty gnarly fall.” Bianca,  lifting her head, a few tears forming at the corners of her beautiful eyes, saw the Wilshire that she recognized. Wilshire, wearing the  usual face of great concern, wrapped an arm around Bianca's back, pulling her closer to him. Bianca, breathless, still a bit shaken from her untimely tumble, rested her head against Wilshire's chest, her hand clutching his forearm.

”Bianca, my pet, are you okay?” asked Wilshire, out of concern, kissing her on her dark crown. Ironically, Wilshire had taken a special, martial arts training course in case he ever needed to act as a personal bodyguard. He had also been raised to be chivalrous, throwing down his jacket whenever there was a puddle so Bianca's favorite Rene Caovilla slingback pumps with iridescent beads never got ruined, and would carry her in the rain to protect her prized, striped Caroline Constas off-the-shoulder black and white striped ruffled gown from getting peppered with rain drops, because she never wore underwear with that particular dress. Although she'd incensed him, his blood boiling hotter than a vampire in St. Tropez, holding her, feeling her shaking in helplessness, softened him a bit.

'Yeah...I know when it's getting rough...All the times we spend...When we try to make....This love something better than...Just making love again...'

Wiping a tear away from one of her eyes, hoping her eyelash extensions were still intact, Bianca, gazing up at Wilshire, couldn't answer right then and there. His newly-chiseled face was growing more and more handsome, and his cinnamon-hued eyes were friendly again.

” breasts...they really, really hurt....can you ...kiss them and make them better?” she pleaded in her soft tone lined with manipulation, her delicate finger, wet with tears, tracing the fullness of Wilshire's lips. “Please?”

Wilshire, maintaining a straight face, wanted to chuckle, but this was the moment she was waiting for. Once again, the pretty ill-natured princess, who favored knights and kings, would receive sexual satisfaction from her “page”. Not that Wilshire minded.

Unable to resist Bianca's beautiful, begging eyes, Wilshire leaned into Bianca's face, claiming her lips into a passionate, obsessive kiss. Bianca, her lower lips moist, hungry for Wilshire, slid her tongue between their kiss, her tongue massaging his. She could feel his heat for her permeating through his body, and in the manner his chest was heaving. Wilshire, unable to keep his hands in a gentleman's manner, began sliding the front of Bianca's dress down lower, exposing her blush-toned Cosabella strapless bra, her breasts round, full, and fake. Bianca's ice cold heart began to race, melting from the heat of Wilshire's kisses, it never took much. As Wilshire's hands began sliding under the wires of her bra, her nipples become prisoners of his hands, while his lips did their job of keeping her distracted...and hot.

”Awwww...shhhiiiitttttt,” said Rocksi touching Chester's shoulder. “Yuh might wanna take yuh glasses off, my genius boi. The good stuff is 'bout to 'happen!”

Her beautiful eyes closed tightly, Bianca groaned deep from her throat, the pressure of Wilshire's tongue against her own sending vibrations through her body where pain had once resided.  She could feel his hands, pushing down her bra, his thumbs and forefingers, caressing her rosy nipples. Secretly, she wondered if Troy ever touched  Larke in this identical way, considering her tits were much larger and stiff-looking like two cantaloupes.

Wilshire, cursing in his head, was enchanted, his senses ablaze from her body damn near melting from his touch. He could smell Bianca's perfume, shampoo, and the scent of her want, rising from under the fabric of her fitted dress. Never in his life did ever imagine that such a beautiful, treacherous young woman would be his boss and also his first lover.

Suddenly, Bianca released a heavy huff, grabbing Wilshire by either side of his face. Wilshire new exactly what that look meant. The kiss had been so overwhelming, and she was on the verge of release. Baffled by the power of his own sexual prowess, Wilshire still holding Bianca's plentiful bosom, gently eased her back onto the soft, carpeted pink floor, her dark hair a halo, surrounding her flushed face.

'It's not like you to turn away...All the bullshit I can't take...Just when I think I can walk away..'

Wilshire's lips soon left Bianca's, making a curved path from her bottom lip, to her chin, to the olive-gold column of her throat. Giggling, Bianca closed her eyes, letting her sense of touch take over. Even though Wilshire's hands were not the softest. They were still gentle as they played with the diameter, circumference and radius of her breasts. When something wet and textured touched the tip of her left nipple, she moaned, in certainty, that was his tongue.

”Oooohhh...Wilshire...” Bianca, moaned,  her head still in a fog from their rambunctious night in the limousine. “ Please...kiss me...take the pain away.”  Wilshire, heeding her request, reached  into his pocket, pulling out a Trojan XL, unsure if it'd be too tight, considering how “big” he was feeling. While his lips and tongue laved around Bianca's left breast,  the obedient butler, unbuttoned his fly. Carefully pulling his engorged, throbbing shaft through the opening of his Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs.

”WOWWWWWWW!” said Rocksi, leaning back against the rolling chair, crossing her arms over her chest. “I never knew Bianca was the submissive wait, she isn't...she's up to something.”

”Ooohh Wilshire...Wilshire....uggnhhh....”Bianca cried, when his teeth grazed against her sensitive nipple. Raking her nails through the carpet, Bianca, opening her green eyes, stared at the chandelier, the luminous crystals becoming a blur. She heard the familiar sound of foil being unwrapped, the sound of latex following after. She didn't want to hear shit...she wanted to feel Wilshire's tongue lapping fervently against her puss like a dehydrated dog....

Wilshire, strapped and harder than the Hope Diamond, gazed at Bianca's face as he placed her Pilate's toned legs over his shoulders.  She was in a world all her own, probably on top of it...little did she know that she would soon be on top of him, because Bianca had been the nucleus of  Wilshire's world for a very long time.  For him, it was an accomplishment; watching the rich, powerful, bossy, snotty heiress, crumbling to his will, enslaved by his touch. He had so many surprises awaiting her...if she wasn't ready, that was just her tough shit.

' I'm so addicted to all the things...You do when you're going down on me...In between the sheets...All the sound you make...With every breath you take...It's unlike anything...'

Lifting his head from Bianca's breast which was now swollen and pink, Wilshire, using his tongue, made a moist pathway down the center of Bianca's chest, following to her taut, defined belly, drawing circles around her bellyring which was a pear-shaped diamond set in 14 carat gold. The strong heavy sent of her willing mound was calling his name, but not in the harsh way as she had expressed verbally. Her kitty was always kind, teasing; always promising. Nibbling at the waistband of her thin, blush, Cosabella thong that was soaked to a deep shade of rose, Wilshire pushed aside the crotch of the thin, tiny article, smiling at the pulsing, dewy petals that welcomed him with the scent of pomegranates and pineapple.

”W-Wilshire Allen Brentwood! You eat me out this instant! That's an order!” Bianca cried, forgetting they were still in school. Wilshire, ceasing his head, chuckled.

”Lower your voice Bianca,” he warned, before suddenly lapping his tongue furiously against Bianca's outer labia, while massaging her glory hole with the pad of his thumb. He was going to make a Lunchable out of her; teach her a lesson she'd never forget. Bianca, her breasts bare, her dress wrapped around her pelvis, was vulnerable, helpless, looking toward the chandelier that seemed to get blurrier with every stroke of Wilshire's tongue, stinging her with pleasure that seemed to grow even more intense.

'How can I make it through...All the things you do...There's just got to be more to you and me...'

”Ohhh....shhhhiiit.....Wilshire....Wilshire....” Bianca cried, trying to keep her voice low, but the blissful feelings coursing through her veins put her out of control. Every part of her was tingling....even the lights from the chandelier seemed like the hot, blinding rays of the sun. Wilshire, being a cad, lifted Bianca's clitoral hood with his top lip, pressing the widest part of his tongue against her clit. Using a forefinger, he delved into her walls, the smell louder than her silent cries, filling his nose and throat, his middle finger, a bully, eased its way into her tight, little glory hole, opening her up to a new sensation. Pumping in and out, the butler wanted to laugh, watching the underside of Bianca's body vibrating prematurely, her belly tightening, holding in her climax.

' I'm so addicted to all the things you do....When you're going down on me...In between the sheets...All the sound you make with every breath you take...It's unlike anything...It's unlike anything...'

Bianca, raising her head from the floor just a bit, couldn't even see Wilshire's face. The butler's tongue quickly inserted deep, only the crown of his sandy blonde hair, that was tickling at her lower stomach was visible. Diligently, Wilshire  tasted every fold of her inner and outer labia, letting Bianca's soft, velvet walls suck his tongue in like Chinese finger cuffs, while his top lip played along her clit, bringing her almost to the “tiny death”. Bianca,  feeling her limp body lifting itself into a bridge, knew it was time...and knew no other way to say it...

”Wilshire! If you love me, fuck me!” Bianca commanded through gritted teeth, feeling her body about to implode. She wasn't ready to until she battled with the deathstroke...

Wilshire, feeling Bianca's right leg shaking, as well as new sense of bravado, lifted his tongue from her amazing, swollen clit in a goodbye flick, removing his fingers from her two, sacred holes. Holding her legs, gently, Wilshire stared down at Bianca, noticing just how incredibly beautiful she was when she wasn't being a raging bitch.

”Wishire...please,” Bianca begged, letting out a gasp of air. “I need you...inside of me...”

'Well...alrighty then...'

Wilshire, taking a stern glance at Bianca, with her legs as his captives, took a deep breath, fiercely impaling her soft, wet, core in a quick thrust, not giving her time to prepare her senses. Immediately, Bianca cried out, but then clapped her head over her mouth, as Wilshire, becoming completely aroused by the depth of the penetration, continued his piston-like movements, her wet, dripping folds, encasing him, like a sunken place.

”Oh feel so damn good,” Wilshire huffed, gripping her at either of her strong calves, built well from running up and down tennis courts. Remembering she had once been a gymnast, Wilshire, pulling her legs a bit wider apart, drove vigorously into her, hoping the bitch would get carpet burns on her back.

Bianca, remembering her own command, did not cry out, but bit her hand instead. Wilshire was a beast, stroking inside her body like a psychotic maniac, having so sense of restraint. Every maddening thrust, made her head spin, her eyes, going cross.

For someone to have such a heart of darkness, she felt so fucking good. Any other man would have been bored to tears from banging her everyday, but Wilshire had become quite addicted, using his latent hate that was once love and adoration as sexual Red Bull. With every demanding stroke, Bianca, biting the hand that covered her mouth with one hand,  her other hand gripping his  forearm that was protected by his jacket, hit her head against the carpeted floor, the thickness of her hair protecting her skull. Using her breasts as chew toys, Wilshire, feasting on the hard, tasty buds, pummeled his hips against Bianca's enjoying the sound of the powerful smacking of their mating skin.

”J-Jeezum pees....” said Rocksi, in complete and utter awe, watching the scene with both guilt and curiosity. “I didn't know Bianca was that damn flexible.”

”Hmm?” asked Chester with a screwed face. “You have the best gift of avoiding the obvious, Rocksi. Can I live in your world?”

” world is wack compared to theirs,” said Rocksi, rubbing the back of her neck, All of a sudden, ORACLE's headquarters wasn't so cold anymore. The coppery-skinned goddess with eyes of an agate, was in a state of pure and utter disbelief, watching the Teen Club's favorite butler, fucking the pure life out of the Teen Club's favorite villain. Wilshire, still fully dressed in his uniform, had THE Bianca Dupri lying on her back, bare breasted, her hair a holy mess, begging and pleading for him to take her to the moon and back. Bianca's leg definition was made evident as she flexed them against Wilshire's shoulders, and her arms were well toned, as she grabbed Wilshire's arm to keep from spilling over the edge, her head tossing from side to side, resembling a Doomsday hurricane.

”What's the time, Chester?” asked Rocksi, turning in her chair, her toes numb from the air conditioner. “Lunch will be over soon.”

”They got fifteen minutes...ten to climax and five to freshen up,” said Chester, checking his watch. “You in a rush?”

”Yeah, I kinda wanna go 'head and get changed. Me and Wilshire are s'pposed to meet up for a workout..but he's already doin' cardio, a'pparently,” she said, getting up from the chair. “I don't wanna look s'picious, y'know?”

”No more than they will,” said Chester, using his hand to point to the screen, just in time to see Wilshire giving Bianca the fast and furious 'deathstroke'.

”Wait, Rocksi, you can't leave yet, the best part is coming, no pun intended,” said Chester, using a red joystick on the control panel to zoom in on Bianca's face which was contorted at the brow, her top teeth biting her bottom lip, her pink lipstick, a memory.

”W-W-Wilshire.....” Bianca stammered, gripping the carpet with one hand, sore from all her biting, feeling the ribbons in her belly about to come untied. “I'm...I'm....”

As angry as he was, Wilshire was not going to let Bianca leave without a strong climax, and a teeny bit of sweet torture mixed in. Sliding out from between her soaking wet cavern, the condom glistening, the front of his pants well stained, Wilshire, sliding backwards, then downward, so he was face to face with his favorite “toy” , inserted his tongue where his cock had planted flags. Holding Bianca tightly by the backs of her legs, Wilshire swirled his tongue around her precious little button that would knock down all the little walls that held her in.

”Unnnghhh....Wilshire....Wilshire....I love ….I..I LOVE YOUUUUUUU......”

”What the hell?” said Chester and Rocksi in tandem, exchanging looks of shock. What now? Had Atlas shrugged?

When Bianca ejaculated, it rushed like a waterfall, shooting onto Wilshire's face, then trickling  down into her crack. Wilshire, having absolutely no shame, but sneaky designs, lapped it away, zigzagging with his tongue, teasing the tip of it against her glory hole, feeling her legs jerking, kicking in the air in her fancy, platform heels. Bianca, gasping for oxygen, sucked it back in, banging her fists against the floor.

”'re killing me....unghhhh....” Bianca cried again, her breasts thrusting upward toward the ceiling. Taking a final lick, tasting the sweet, fruit smoothie of her satisfied sexual need, Wilshire, letting go of Bianca's legs, the lower half of his face covered in her dew, crawled upward along her sweaty body, gazing as the lights from the chandelier played against the salty drops glistening between her breasts, her nipples red around the aereolas.

The smell of everything was was heady, pungent....but nonetheless, lovely.

Wilshire, once again, having an encounter with no release of his own, laid down beside Bianca, who was wiping sweat from her brow, trying to breathe normally. After every tryst with Wilshire she felt a veil of shyness come over her, and could not figure out why. Clearing her throat, Bianca turned her head, spying Wilshire wearing the blankest of stares, looking straight at the locker room door.


”Yes, my pet?” he answered, deep in thought, wondering how he was going to workout with blueballs.

Bianca and her naked breasts, turned onto her side, propping on her elbow, her dark hair falling like a blanket along her curves. “Do you realize... where you put your tongue?” she asked, pressing her hand to his chest. “Are you, crazy?” Her pale green eyes were filled with incredulity, and all Wilshire could do was smirk.

”I licked your ass...big deal,” Wilshire answered with a shrug, before cradling his hands underneath his head. “I know you're clean. I'm always with you when you get 'down there' waxed. I've taken baths and showers with you. It's clean as a whistle and tastes like orange sherbert.”

”O-orange sherbert? What is that?” asked Bianca with narrowed eyes, playing with the buttons on his crisp, white shirt. “Is that like Duck L'Orange?” Taking a glance downward, Bianca noticed his still erect member securely wrapped, and also stains on his pants from her...stamp of approval. Blushing a bit, she quickly looked away.

”You thoroughly enjoyed yourself, nothing to be embarrassed about, Bianca,” Wilshire reassured, cupping her chin to bring her face back to him. “ Anything I have done with you, I've done because I wanted to, and because giving you immeasurable pleasure brings me joy,” he embellished, meeting her gorgeous green eyes with his. “It's an honor.”

”Oh,” said Bianca, with a shy smile. “But Wilshire...sometimes you don't...”

”As I've said before, it's okay, I'm a guy, I won't die if I don't get mine. I'm not a selfish lover. My duty is to please that booty, any way that I see fit,” Wilshire continued, smiling at Bianca. “It's my pleasure, second, your pleasure, first.”

'I should make him angry more often, the sex is always amazing. No matter how much I scold him, he never turns away from me,' thought Bianca, placing her thumb against Wilshire's lips, wiping away her “splooge”. Gently, Wilshire placed his hand over hers, shaking his head to the negative.

”That's for me,” he winked, lifting himself from the floor. “And we better get cleaned up, lunch will be over in about 5 minutes. Even though I already “ate”  I sill want to get a protein bar or a crepe.”  Bianca, still laying on the the floor, watched as Wilshire got up, excusing himself to the sink to wash his face. Sighing, smirking, Bianca, combing her fingers through the front of her hair wondered if Troy Jefferies was just as considerate.

'All the sound you make with every breath...You take, it's unlike anything...I'm so addicted to you....Addicted to you....'


Lyrics: “Addicted to You” by Saving Abel

Vain- Chapter 35 pt. 2
i was scrolling through Youtube trying to find  songs from the 80's and 90's and came across "Addicted to You" by Saving Abel. I couldn't think of a better couple to give it you. You all keep saying you love the Wilshire and Bianca, well you're getting it.

Beverly Hills Teens is owned by  Cookie Jar Ent.

OC Rocksi is mine
Hey y'all...

Hope you have enjoyed my latest story updates. What I actually do is write very long chapters, then break them in half, and post them separately. I also try to have a stretch of time in between, because of editing, or maybe a new song reference will appear. Either way, I like to keep you all entertained.

I was reading/editing a novel for an established author friend of mine who writes erotica. I have been reading her stuff for a while now, and I noticed a definite change in her style....there's less erotica. I don't know if it's changed because she wants to appeal to people who are more conservative, but I'm one of those, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" types. Anyhoo, because she has such a strong following, I know this latest release will do well.

And in terms of "if it ain't broke", I found out that I didn't get a job that I was referred to, and interviewed for because I'm "highly emotional" and "touchy feely". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get very close to my clients/customers, and some have even become friends. So if they give me a hug, do I push them off? WTH? Mind you, I didn't find out this information until a MONTH after the interview. They never called my general manager for character reference, they didn't do shit. I was pissed. The day I found out, i went out for sushi, and the waitress wouldn't let me order the entree' that I wanted. I was so over it.

For days I pondered. I asked myself why people constantly cancel on me, flake on me, stand me up...who the hell am I, Meg Griffin? I was really standoffish for a few days, and not towards my clients, because they don't deserve that. I had to question who to block...basically, who was not treating me kind. I had to drop four people in one week. I had the adult conversation, letting them know that I'm sorry they were so horrible to me, but that's their problem, not mine, and that I wouldn't be checking on them since they didn't seem to appreciate it. When people don't want you around, they have an uncanny way of letting you know.

Last week I find out that the store I interviewed for is poorly run and dirty. I would have been so pissed off moving two hours away from home, just to clean up someone else's mess. I probably would have felt hoodwinked and bamboozled. Of course, I asked my general manager if the district manager knew if that store was the quality of landfill, and of course the answer was "no". There are some people who are just not fit to be in a managerial position.  The title sounds nice, but there are duties to be be done, and having a nasty store with trash everywhere is just not cool. So the feedback that I was received was straight bullshit. The girls who were hired, already worked in that location. They just didn't want any outsiders because I had the best technical skills out of all of them. Ain't that some bullshit?

Part of me is thankful I didn't get caught up in that nonsense, but now I am really skeptical of people when they offer up stuff. Am I wrong for that?

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Disclaimer: Beverly Hills Teens is not my property only my OC Areli “Rocksi” is. The series is owned by DIC/Cookie Jar and others involved. This is a mixture of sweet and sass, so a few little naughty words and some “intimate” situations may slip, causing you to blush a little. But I do promise you some laughs and some realness; life imitates art. Rated M

by Missmjwilson

“Don't get too close to me
I don't love you
Hearts break so easily
Nowhere is safe for you, honey
Feed off my energy
That's an order
Stop kissing up to me
I don't reward good behavior”- Alyson Stoner

Chapter 35 pt. 1 – How To be a  Heartbreaker

Rocksi had never been approached by so many people in a hallway before in her life. With her leather Louis Vuitton backpack slung over her arm, and her black, GUCCI bag with chain strap slung over the other, her wavy hair trailing down her back, Rocksi was suddenly “breezeway popular”.  Strange kids, kids she'd never seen before with different hair colors but the same shade of spray tan, boldly walked into her personal space {something she hated},  giving her props on her genius idea of a luau, which had been one of the most entertaining events the Teen Club had ever seen.

”Much thanks, but I won' tek all the credit,” she answered each and every time, her hazel, almond-shaped eyes humble. “Bianca and Troy were great to assist”, she would add, combing away few wavy, chestnut strands from her pretty face, her yellow-diamond ring glistening in the fluorescent lights of the obnoxiously ornate Beverly Hills High school. “But thanks for your kind words.”

”Will you be on the Teen Club Event Committee?” a red-haired girl asked her. “The luau was a really unique idea? Maybe you could help them come up with some new things? The same ol' same ol' gets to be soooo boring,” the redhead continued, straightening the hem of her Stella McCartney illusion dress that was blue in the center, with beige on the sides of her waist, the sleeveless style boasting her arms from years of rugby.

Rocksi could only shrug. “I dunno, that's my cousin Shanelle's territory.”  She had no intentions of becoming too involved with the Teen Club clique, but was willing to shoot around a few creative ideas if asked.

”Well, that was the most fun I've had in a while. I got a chance to talk to people I had seen all the time, but never spoke with. In fact, I'm hanging out with a few of them tonight. It's amazing how we've all lived in Beverly Hills all our lives, and started learning about how much we have in common,” said the red-haired girl. “I'm going parasailing in Santa Barbara this weekend with a few of the kids in the Drama Club. Had the luau not been held, I would've assumed I was the only person who liked Santa Barbara.”

Rocksi's eyes glistened. “Y'know, you're not the only one who likes Santa Barbara.  Pierce Thorndyke the III loves takin' his yacht out there,” she said placing her palms together. “You know who is right? “

”Pierce. Thorndyke? Pierce Thorndyke the III? The vain snob Pierce?” asked the red-haired chick with a slight turn of her nose. “You mean to tell me the self-proclaimed 'Prince of Bel-Air ' isn't to good to slum away from Beverly Hills?”

”Oh, well, for your information, his family is of Welsh-French-Canadian ancestry, so he travels to Canada every summer I believe,” Rocksi replied, with a haughty smile. “He's not quite the snob you perceive him to be....and he 'slums' quite frequently.”

”Oh, well, whenever I see him at the formal affairs , he only dances with certain girls, so I assumed...” the red-haired girl piped, but Rocksi halted her by throwing up “the hand”.

”Because, those girls are his friends, and know him. When he tries to approach 'other girls', they run to Troy Jeffries. There are so many cute guys in the Teen Club...cute, and interesting, but because everyone is 'so scared' to take that step of saying ' ello, how are yeh', people continue to stand by the wall, wasting money in an expensive dress or tux , instead of dancing the night away,” Rocksi huffed, with  a shake of her head. “As big as this place is, it's sad it's such an elitist microcosm.”

The red-haired girl blushed, feeling like an ass for having a preconceived notion about Pierce, and not knowing  what “microcosm”  meant.  “Look, I'm sorry for what I just said; do you think Pierce would talk to me, if I said 'hello' and introduced myself?”

” I don't know, because see, word could possibly get to him that a random, generic version of Lindsay Lohan called him a 'vain snob', “ Rocksi began, crossing her arms over her chest, giving the red-haired chick a glare of disdain. “But, the guy's got manners; he may give you a  'what's up', ” Rocksi answered flippantly, wanting to laugh out loud at the girl's fallen jaw.

”Now, If you'll excuse me, I have business to attend,” said Rocksi, turning on her expensive heel, completely disgusted at the girl's horrid judgment of Pierce. “Enjoy the rest of your day.”

”Oh..wait..hey..wait!” called the red-haired as she chased after Rocksi in her black, Louis Vuitton high heels. “I'm sorry.”  Pivoting like a trained dancer, Rocksi, sliding her purse further up her arm, shrugged. The red haired girl, carrying a look of shame, sighed, tucking a fallen strand of auburn hair behind her ear.

”Hey, I'm sorry. Obviously, I'm outside looking in, but that's no reason for my ignorance,” she apologized. “I shouldn't have judged your friend like that.”

”You're right, you shouldn't have, but your mistake, has sparked an idea, “ Rocksi replied, with a nod. “Thank you, and your name is?”

”Oh, it's Pepper...Pepper Andresheck, “ said the red-haired girl, holding out her hand, which Rocksi politely shook. “It was nice talking to you, Rocksi.”

”Likewise, maybe I'll see you in Santa Barbara,” Rocksi returned with a not so sincere smile. “See you later.” As Pepper waved goodbye, Rocksi's grey matter began to jiggle, ideas running through her mind.  Her morning conversation with Gig, and the current conversation with Pepper, had given her fuel to an already burning fire.

Leaning against the wall close to the door of the  gymnasium, Rocksi, unzipping her purse, pulled out her Iphone6,  speed dialing Troy.  Troy, who had his pants down, taking a whiz in the boys' public restroom (certain members of the Teen Club had their own personal locker rooms complete with a bidet, or had the privilege of using the faculty bathroom by wielding a platinum and sapphire bedecked “key”) , held his  “gifted” penis with one hand, shaking it, pulling his phone from the pocket of his Letterman jacket with the other hand.

”This is just too funny, Rocksi calls when my cock is out,” he said in a low voice, gazing at Rocksi's luau picture on his screen. With a confident smirk, Troy, balancing his Iphone between his shoulder and face, answered the call.

”Hey girl, what's up?” he asked, shaking himself dry, then putting it back in his Nautica boxers.

”'ello Troy?” asked Rocksi, setting her bookbag down at her feet. “I hope I haven't caught you at a bad time.”  Rocksi's call was not prompted by the need for small talk. She was on a mission.

”Technically, you've caught me with my pants hanging down, Troy joked, putting his member back into his dark-grey Nautica boxer briefs. “I was taking a wiz.”

”Holy shit,” said Rocksi with a roll of her green eyes. “Be careful, hero, you've got an image to upkeep.”  Troy had no choice but to chuckle at Rocksi's dry, sarcastic, humor.

”Anyhoo, 'Pee-wee',  I have an idea for a formal dance that you may find interestin',” Rocksi began, crossing one arm over her chest. “I had some very impromptu, but much 'ppreciated' conversations this mornin'.  I realize there are so many members of the Teen Club who really don't know much about each other.  With that bein' said,  the next dance should be an 'Opposite Day' formal.”

”Opposite Day? Isn't that when your daily routine goes completely out of whack, and Murphy's  Law comes into play?” asked Troy, opening the stall to make headway to the sink, nodding a 'hello' to Pierce Thorndyke the III as he combed through his hair that he'd painstakingly straightened that morning. Snapping his fingers to get Pierce's attention in the mirror, Troy mouthed 'Rocksi'.

”Hmm?” asked Pierce with a rise of his brow. Troy just didn't seem to be the type of guy that Rocksi would call out of the blue. Shrugging, Pierce, looking the stereotypical pretty boy prep,  wearing a V-neck, light pink t-shirt from Barney's New York, blue blazer from Ralph Lauren, and dark jeans from True Religion, continued playing with his hair, making sure each strand was perfectly straight.

”Rude boi, keep in mind that I'm not from Beverly Hills. I don't speak snob or surfer, “ Rocksi retorted sarcastically, waving to Nikki who had changed from her workout clothes to a Michael Kors chain trim, v-slit neck, textured crepe top and a pair of light blue DKNY capris with the cutest pair of pink, light blue, and pale yellow floral, platform wedges with a criss-cross ankle strap from Kenneth Cole.

”Awww....Nikki is so pretty,” said Rocksi, her hazel eyes following the swish of Nikki's hips, her calves the shape of diamonds. “It sucks she never has anyone to dance with at Teen Club formals.”


”People talk, and I listen, Troy,” Rocksi, explained, looking at her nails. “There are some very interestin', very attractive girls in the Teen Club who get absolutely no play. They're tired of droppin' mad ducats on expensive gowns, Van Cleef & Arpels, and  blinged-out Louboutin's  just to crowd into the damn powder room talking about what idiots you guys are.”

”!” said Troy, taking a glance at Pierce  who was currently bent over the sink, checking the results of the bleaching tray he'd used on his teeth the night before. “ I  never knew we had that problem in the Teen Club; then again I'm always ….”

”Hmm? Problem?” asked Pierce, casting a sudden glance towards Troy, noticing the baffled look on his face. The Teen Club was perfect; what 'problem' could there possibly be ?

”Yeah, you're always with Larke, your 'instant date'  and that's becoming an issue, apparently, Troy. There are lots of other girls you can just offer a dance to, and there's plenty of guys who would love to dance with Larke. If the Teen Club members are such good  friends, what the hell would that hurt? It's not like you and Larke would be cheating on each other, right?”  asked Rocksi. “I think you all are too scared to explore the unknown. For one night, you can take a chance, and ask someone different to be your date?”

”Oh..ok, I think I see your point,” said Troy, leaning his behind against the edge of the sink. “So, explain the details of your idea.”

”Gladly. Basically, people  should ask someone who they have never attended a formal with before as their date. The date doesn't have to be someone in the Teen Club, but definitely has to be someone against their routine. That way, the Teen Club will have a full dance floor and every girl will have swollen feet from dancing all night,”  Rocksi replied, waving to Chester as he made his way to the control room to check on the security cameras.

”And; here's something else..we should have a King and a Queen. That always makes the pot that much sweeter , but let's add a  prize... an amazing dinner at Koi, Geisha House,  or some other bougie place,” Rocksi added. “I can always ask my mom if she can order us two custom-made  diamond crowns.”

”Wow, you are really passionate about this,” Troy noted, with a smile. ”I mean it's amazing the things you don't notice when your blinded by routine,” he added, taking a quick glance in the mirror, making sure he hadn't missed any hairs when he shaved that morning. “Let me talk it over with your cousin, Shanelle and I'll Skype you, later. Is that ok?”

”Is what ok?” asked Rocksi, stepping away from the wall, on her way to her next class.

”Um..that I can Skype you later?” Troy reiterated. “More than likely, you'll be n your bedroom, right?”

”Oh... you mean that kind of 'later'... yeah, that's fine. My bedroom is nothing secret. All my video games are in alphabetical order, my guitar is in its case, and Shalimar, my pet snake has been fed for the month,” Rocksi chuckled. “My room stays clean, and you won't be catching anyone in my bed. “

Troy chuckled. “I wasn't implying that, but okay. I was asking out of respect for your personal space. That's a Beverly Hills thing.”

”I 'ppreciate that, that's cool,” said Rocksi, stopping beside the door for her next class. “Guess I'll literally, be seeing you later.”

“See you later, Rocksi.” After ending the call, Troy, turning the faucet to wash his hands, looked over at Pierce who was singing softly to himself.

”You're in a good mood Pierce. Are you still in a fog from the luau?” asked Troy, pumping the soap handle.  Running his fingers through the front of his hair, Pierce smiled, adding a wink.

' No, Larke blew me off before I walked into the building,' Pierce thought, placing his comb in his back pocket, turning to his friend with crossed arms over his well-muscled chest.

”My many beautiful girls in bikinis...getting lei'd...all the 'likes' on Facebook and the hearts on Instagram. My inboxes are full of messages from beautiful girls, the friend requests are off the charts...I just love social media,” Pierce declared with a wave of his hand, his platinum Rolex sparkling in the light from the chandelier. “I can't wait until our next event.”

”So glad you said that, Pierce. I was just on the phone with Rocksi. She has this idea of throwing a formal dance where we can't choose our usual dates. We have to choose someone we've never attended a formal affair with, so no girls are standing alone by the wall,” said Troy, drying his hands under the silver plated hand dryer. “I think it would be amazing; seeing couples we don't normally see, maybe learn a little more about each other, eh?”

”Hmm...that does sound enticing,” said Pierce. “Personally, I want to see Rocksi in something shiny and form-fitting. She looked so scrumptious at the luau...rawr.”

Troy, his neck jerking, chuckled. “Scrumptious? I've never heard you use that word in regards to a girl, Pierce. You mean to say, she was lookin' like a snack????”

Pierce blushed, scratching his temple. “I mean....the girl's hot...and I like the leather,” he squeaked, knowing he was on the spot. Troy, removing his hands from under the dryer, retrieved his phone from the counter.

”Soo...what's keeping you from making your move?” asked Troy, curiously, checking the time on his phone. “You got 15 minutes to give me a bullshit excuse.”

”Well...she's....not what Beverly Hills is...I mean, she's so New York, she's so tough and strong,” Pierce stammered, trying to pull any excuse from his ass. “I mean...she can kick my ass.”

”If 'kicking your ass' is code for calling you out on wack shit, then she's exactly what you need,” said Troy with a shrug. “If you have to make up lame excuses for not pursuing a girl you're obviously attracted to, then...don't waste her time, I guess. But, I would think having a girl as unique as Rocksi on your arm would make you more attractive to the girls you really want. Just a thought, but that's how it works.”

”Well, shit, Troy...I do believe you've uncovered one of the many secrets of female behavior, it's like shopping. There could be a gauche dress on mannequin...Bianca could  pass it up, Larke could pass it up....but let Tara or Jet get a hold of it, and it's the hottest thing poppin' ” said Pierce with a shrug. “And ever since Shanelle started dating Buck, I noticed that more girls are trying to follow him on Instagram. Girls who ignored him; wouldn't give him the time of day.”

”Here's the thing about women, Pierce. Society has brainwashed them to think there is scarcity in everything.  If it isn't popular, there's something wrong. If a guy is handsome, rich, debonair, but single; there's something wrong. However, if he's handsome, rich, and has a girl that's a bit peculiar than the 'archetype' , they are on him like stink on shit.  They start questioning themselves wondering why he never looked their way...they start mimicking the peculiar girl's style,”  Troy explained at length. “It's always a competition.”

“Troy, you are making a whole lot of sense, but you've always been the most popular guy in school,” Pierce began...

”Because of Larke,” said Troy, knocking on the counter with his right fist to emphasize his point. “Try to spend some time with Rocksi; you'll see your texts being returned, and your Facebook friend requests increase.  In fact, ask her out to mani-pedi at Fifi's after school, because that's what you enjoy the most. That way, you'll be in your element, and feeling comfortable. Then..invite her over to the pool and a mini barbecue later this week. Girls fall for that shit, every time. She's part Jamaican-Chinese, so try to vary the menu up. Show her you respect her culture, and throw in some sushi, because that's what you like.”

”Well...she's having some difficulties in our French class, so I could use that as an excuse to get her to my a bikini,” said Pierce, tapping his temple, wondering how he was going to finesse this while continuing his affairs with Larke.

”Don't try to do it too much in one week, though, because you don't want to seem unavailable to other girls,” Troy warned. “And...that way, you have her attention, people will see the two of you together, and your CAD will finally stop clowning you,” Troy replied. “Just keep your eyes and ears open,” said Troy, casually walking past Pierce, heading for the bathroom door, pushing it open.

”See you later, Troy...and thanks for the advice,” said Pierce, giving his frenemy a polite wave. Troy, looking over his shoulder, gave Pierce a knowing smile, closing the bathroom door behind him.

” Hmm...I can always use a good pedi...and I do need my balls waxed so I can rock my new Speedo,” said Pierce, pulling his Iphone 6 from his side pocket. “That lucky girl will get to see me in nothing but a towel.”  Pierce touching the screen, scrolled through his contacts until he saw the picture of himself with Rocksi at the luau.

'Hey Rocksi, you want to go to Fifi's for a mani-pedi with me?' Pierce texted, with a salacious grin. Sliding his phone in the back of his jeans, he let himself out of the bathroom, figuring she would take her time to answer.

'Do you hear me, I'm talking to you...Across the water across the deep blue ocean...
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying...Boy, I hear you in my dreams...

”Well, dahling, this is where I leave you. I 'ate it, but...we'll be in LA before ya know it, lass,” said Blake, his curly hair blowing in the breeze. Tara, trying her best not to cry, sighed, nodding her head as Blake took her artfully-designed hands in his.

'I feel your whisper across the sea...I keep you with me in my heart...You make it easier when life gets hard...'</b>

Tara hated herself for having fallen asleep during much of the flight, but the scent of Blake's cologne had been comforting, reminding her that they were on a journey together. Waking up in his embrace had been the sweetest, most precious experience; sweeter than all the whoopie pies in Beverly Hills' best bakeries

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend...Lucky to have been where I have been...Lucky to be coming home again...Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh...'</b>

”Baby, please don' cry,” he pleaded, as she turned her head to the left, her heart beating wildly against her chest, a feeling she'd only experienced since meeting him. Time waited for no man, it had sure flown quickly.

'They don't know how long it takes...Waiting for a love like this...Every time we say goodbye...I wish we had one more kiss...I'll wait for you, I promise you, I will..'</b>

Closing her eyes, Tara reflected on the night before, the way Blake pretended to be a fire dancer and the suave way he kissed her after lei'ng her. She could still feel his arm around her as the walked to the picnic on the beach, and could hear his voice as he read “The Frog Prince” aloud. And now, he was leaving....her beautiful fantasy was coming to an end.

”Tara Belle, I'll be back  lightenin' speed soon, but in the meantime, we still 'ave Skype. We c'n talk ev'ry night, that doesn't 'ave to stop,” Blake reasoned, squeezing her hands, wanting her to feel relief , not grief. He had never cared so much about leaving a girl...then again, he never cared about the girls he had left.

' Lucky I'm in love with my best friend...Lucky to have been where I have been...Lucky to be coming home again...Lucky we're in love in every way...'</b>

”We got so many prit'y pict'res to put on Instagr'm. I'll tell the world, yeh me girl, “Blake insisted, shaking her hands, hoping she'd look at him at least. Tara, smiling in surrender, turned to face Blake, unable to prevent a smile. She couldn't resist...the dark olive tone of his skin, his wild curly hair and infectious smile could charm the ice from an igloo. Blake's blinding smile, made Tara giggle a bit, bringing Blake a much needed sigh of relief.

”Me love...don't scare me like that, I can't 'ave you feelin' misery, when I've worked so 'ard to make you 'appy,” he spoke, releasing one of her hands to caress her jaw.  “Me bonney lass...I'm such a lucky wanker.”

'Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed...Lucky to be coming home...'</b>


Blake Elton McCausley, was certifiably in love. As he gazed into Tara Belle Devere's beautiful violet eyes, he saw his reflection, wondering if she saw the same in his. The flight from LA to Montreal had been a quiet one. Tara had fallen asleep with her head on Blake's shoulder, while he wrote a plethora of new songs with a pen and post-it-notes. If the songs never made it to an album, he would keep them, just for Tara.

”Blake, darlin'...I hope you're not upset that we didn' know..take things further,” Tara asked innocently, the breeze blowing her hoodie over her eyes, as she and Blake stood on the roof of the  Montreal-Trudeau airport, trying to part ways with smiles and reassurance. Tara never imagined she'd even be in the current situation.  Saying goodbye to someone you adored, was much more difficult and heart-wrenching than saying “see ya later” to a Teen Club member.

”No, Tara Belle, it's fine,” Blake answered , shaking his head full of curly hair.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Tara, taking her hand from his grasp, combed her hands gently through his curls wanting to remember the half-silky, half coarse texture, giggling when he blushed. Blake smiled, giving her a quick kiss on the lips, inhaling the perfume that dusted her hoodie.

' I'll put a flower in your hair...Though the breezes through the trees...Move so pretty you're all I see...As the world keeps spinning round...You hold me right here right now...'</b>

Blake hated himself for his half-truth. The moment he saw Tara, in her one-shouldered bikini with flowers in her hair, he wanted to undress her slowly and grind into her body until the sand turned to glass. It was what he was used to, and it wasn't a switch he could flick on and off. Though he was not devastated that he and Tara didn't make love in her cushy digs, he was nonetheless content, knowing they had a genuine connection.

”I mus' admit, shaggin' yeh would have been prit'y epic...but ...I am willin' to wait until it's right,” Blake spoke, against Tara's lips. “In that huge, round bed of yours, yeh soft, nekkit body underneath mine, my mouth on your....”

' And so I'm sailing through the sea...To an island where we'll meet...You'll hear the music fill the air...'</b>

”BLAKE!” cried Tara with a scolding tone, giving him a titty twister. Placing his hand on top of hers, Blake, being the handsome cad that he was known, arrested Tara's lips once again, plunging his tongue into her warm mouth, sidelining  her reserve. Tara, her mind and body becoming putty in his hands, released Blake's innocent nipple, opting to wrap her arms around him, holding him tightly.  Blake, becoming suddenly aroused, growled low in his throat,  yearning to taste Tara's lips down below.  Feeling the girth under his pants expanding, Blake, pulled Tara even closer, playfully brushing against her.

”Mmmm,” Tara mumbled, gasping against Blake's mouth,  clutching his hoodie in her fists. His tongue was like a vice grip in her mouth, locking out all her logic. It was torture on her senses, a kiss so deep in conjunction with a the strength of his erection against her thigh. She couldn't deny that she was curious, attracted to him in that way, but she wasn't ready to give her body to a guy that she hadn't known that long. Sure, he'd spent the night and slept beside her, but that was comfortable and cozy , not raunchy and scandalous.

Feeling the throb against his thigh, Blake, slowly breaking the kiss, stepped to the side, wiping his lips, trying to will the stiffness down. No other girl had ever peaked his interest quite as innocently as she did. Tara, with her gentle, beautiful eyes, and soft touch of her fingers against his face, could stoke fire in him from deep within.  Blake wanted to take the role of the Prince in her fairytales, despite his soul being akin to a mischievous wolf.


”Tara, we will be t'gether again, I promise, “ he said earnestly, picking up his bag from the ground placing it over his shoulder. “But as much as I 'ate it, I mus' go. If I don' go now, the band will prob'bly kick me out.”

Silently, Tara embraced him, placing a kiss on his cheek. “I'll see you tonight on Skype.” Pressing her lips together, Tara stepped backwards from Blake, taking one last gaze at his golden, olive skin, deep, charming dimples, and wild dark curls. As she kept walking backwards, she waved her pageant wave, knowing it would make him laugh, knowing they would not cry when they departed from one another....</i>

'Lucky I'm in love with my best friend...Lucky to have been where I have been...Lucky to be coming home again...I'm lucky we're in love in every way...Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed...Lucky to be coming home someday...'</b>



Nikki and Blaise, partaking in a lunch of Crabcakes and Caesar salads from the Cabana Cafe, looked  across the table at Tara, a wan smile on her face, her fork half-hanging from her hand.  It was unlike Tara to miss class, but the beloved Southern belle had missed three, making it  to school just in time for lunch. Which was perfect timing, because the assorted cheese platter and cranberry juice on her father's jet, just wasn't enough  and he r stomach was on the verge of eating her spine.

”I mean....these crabcakes are can just taste the Old Bay and cumin,” Tara played off, putting the portion into her mouth. “Mmmmmhmmmmm...”

Blaise, raising a nicely arched, dark blonde brow, looked over to Nikki, who was wearing a knowing smile with her brightly colored outfit, her chestnut hair slicked back into a high ponytail. Tara, the “good girl” of the Teen Club, had never been known for truancy....the girl was never late for class, much less missed it, but when she was marked absent in English Literature, her favorite subject, the look of worry among the class was shared.

When Tara came into the cafeteria wearing a dress that wasn't her signature shade of lilac, but indeed had ruffles, Nikki and Blaze, leaving the line, cornered Tara, showering her with questions. When Tara confessed that she'd flown with Blake to see him off, the mantra of “oohs” and “aahs” began.

”'re thinking about Blake, aren't you?” Nikki goaded with a smile, bumping shoulders with Blaise, who had changed into a Tommy Hilfiger blue and black plaid button -down tied at her torso, showing off her toned belly and horseshoe navel ring, her thick, strong legs encased in a pair of dark, Tommy Hilfiger jeans .“You two are just to cute.”

”Yeah, especially when he came out on stage and sang to you, Tara. You could tell he was nervous but he was inspired by you,” Blaise added, thinking about her own special night with Prince Albert, that had left her  a bit tired, in conjunction with Nikki's  exercise class. “That memory will be with you, forever.”

Tara, slicing her fork into the center of her half-eaten crabcake, yawned, politely covering her mouth. After flying back to LA, she changed clothes in the Devere Limited Edition Hummer Limousine ( the paint had candy-sparkle glitter and only six were made)  arriving to school just in time for lunch. Jet lagged , but happy, she carefully strutted in on Kenneth Cole floral wedges, similar to Nikki's. A white Prada bag on her shoulder.

”Excuse me for yawning, y'all,” Tara apologized. “But Blake and I got up before the butt crack of dawn and took my father's jet to Montreal,”  she explained, pulling up the fallen strap of her Parker “Bellaire” Floral-Print Silk Maxi Dress, which was white with blue, orange, and turquoise flowers. Her healthy bosom was accentuated by a ruffle on the sweetheart neckline that cascaded into a slit boasting her ballet-toned legs. With her hair in a braid and her makeup easy and breezy, Tara Belle did not look as if she had jet lag.

”I know I went against all the codes of etiquette, but I didn't give a possum's pattootie,” Tara declared with a wave of her hand. “I've never missed a class, they can forgive me today. I can get the notes online, or from Chester in paper.” Taking a bit of crab cake, Tara chewed slowly, savoring the hearty flavors.

”Oh Tara, that's risky, and romantic,” Blaise commented before taking a sip of a virgin, strawberry daiquiri. “I guess he really impressed you, eh?”

”He was only going to be in town for the luau, and I wanted to have as much time as I could,” said Tara. “I even let him spend the night.”

”Huh?” Nikki and Blaise said in tandem, exchanging glances of shock. The proper lady Miss Tara Belle Devere allowed a gentleman caller to stay the night in her parents' abode? Perish the thought!

”I..uh....let him sleep with me in my rotunda bed, not in the guest room, and not on the divan by the window,”  Tara blurted in her sweet, Southern tone. “We cuddled...and that's how far it went. He smells really nice and his hair is so curly.”

”Hell, I thought his tattoos were hot,” said Nikki, with  a shrug. “Who da thought Tara Belle, the Southern lady of the Teen Club would get whisked away by a bad boy drummer from a metal band,  and Blaise Summers, our favorite cowgirl, swept off her feet by a humble, handsome , Prince...and me....I get a new MasterCard Black that I'm going to use at Giuseppe Zanotti, to buy those new  “Cruel” sandals with the angel wings on the front with the gold crystals on top..and some other shit to add to the collections of 'Shoes I Buy to Entertain my Viewers!”

”Oh Nikki, come on now,” said Blaise, bumping her elbow against her chestnut-haired, fitness fanatic friend. Nikki, popping a piece of cheddar biscuit into her mouth, shrugged sardonically.

”Blaise, the guy jumped on a plane and came to see Tara based on Skype conversations and her cute pictures on Instagram,” said Nikki, turning to her two-toned , blonde- haired friend. “It's just as wild, crazy, Lifetime movie romantic as the tale of you and Prince Albert. Speaking of Albert, isn't he in town?”

”Yeah..yeah, Albie's in town,” Blaise replied with a shy smile. “He's doing a photo shoot right now for GQ magazine,  for 'Best-Dressed Royalty' , and we're going to go have dinner later. He's gotten more good looking these  past few months. More muscle on him, and his skin got more tan.”

More good looking??? I didn't think it was possible.  He's already on the list for People Magazine's 10 Most Beautiful People, isn't he?” asked Tara , before taking another bite of crabcake that was seasoned to perfection. Silently, she prayed that she wouldn't come across a shell chip.

p>  “Yeah, he's gotten a lot of media attention since the International Grand Ball we all attended, but he still remains so humble...and private,” Blaise stressed with a strong tone of voice. “He asked if he could discuss our relationship...I don't want him giving out too many details, but he can speak on how we stay in communication and make things work.”

”Rumor has it you guys are secretly engaged,” Tara hinted with a wink. “That's what it said in 'OK Magazine.”

Blaise chuckled. “As long as they didn't say I'm pregnant,  they can say whatever the hell they want. Besides, tabloids have  helped my family's business by bringing more people out to Starmount Stables. We're going to need to buy more horses, soon. We are getting so many people wanting to learn to ride and horseback ride for leisure.”

”Well Tara, I guess your family's stock is going to rise, and everyone's gonna be buying sugar and cupcakes, now,” Nikki joked, taking another bite of her biscuit. Usually, she avoided bread, but cheddar biscuits were her weakness. She'd dance it off later, anyway.

Tara smiled meekly. “I guess that's the perks of having a high -profile relationship.  It works for the Kardashians, “ she added with a shrug. Laughing softly, Nikki, playing in her salad, took a quick bite, feeling like the odd girl out.

”So how does  your relationship work, Blaise?” asked Nikki, honestly wanting to know. “I'm a single girl, so I don't know what it's like to miss someone, and since Tara's embarking on a new, long-distance relationship, I think you'd probably have some great advice for her.”

”Well, most people will tell you that long distance will never work, but that's because their relationship is probably based on sex, and nothing cerebral,” Blaise began, setting down her glass, the platinum chain with diamond horseshoe pendant that Prince Albert VI of Scotland had given her.  Considering that she and Albert had come dangerously close to 'going all the way', Blaise was relieved that they had fallen asleep. After dancing with him,  watching “Once Upon a Time” with him, and having his tongue taste her in the most intimate way possible, confirmed that they were solid. So solid, that her future as his Queen scared her a little.

“When you are 'physically addicted' to someone, you get that 'frustration' and then your mind takes you into seeing all types of things that don't exist. You start making yourself miserable, because you have totally cut off your social life and centered it into this person.  You envision them making love to other people, you get this anxiety that when you don't get that call or text right away, they're out with someone else, totally forgetting about you,” Blaise spoke, using her delicately designed hands with calluses from tacking horses, to emphasize her points. “You have to have your own life, your own hobbies, because the other person is not here with you to take up your time.”

”Well hell, even if they were in the same location, that still doesn't guarantee you'll go out all the time, “ Nikki rendered, with lettuce in her mouth. “You need a break sometimes, right?”

”Hmm..I don't know. If you really adore that person, you don't want a breather from them, y'know? “ asked Blaise. “Or maybe I'm looking at it from a married person's point of view, because when I marry Albert, I'm not gonna want that much time away from him unless I'm going shopping, or when you girls come to visit me at the Palace.”

”'re gonna want to see us when you become Queen?” asked Nikki, placing her hand over her chest. Blaise, laughing aloud, shook her head at Nikki.

” girls are going to be at my wedding, what the heck are you talking about?” Blaise chastised jokingly. “Do you seriously think I'm going to forget about you?”

Sipping her mint tea, Tara listened to her two closest friends. Being in a long-distance  relationship with Blake McCausley was going to be difficult, but being in a  “relationship” with Blake Heartbreak, was going to be a challenge. As irresistible as he was, Tara was thankful she'd stuck to her guns and said “no”.

”But...I will say this, the people who truly love each other , the ones who can have sex , still enjoy each other, but can cope with not having the 'convenience ' of seeing their partner every day... can be successful with the distance because it's not even a factor. Some people like having a bit of time to build up for the excitement of going on a trip, or meeting someone at the airport. Plus, there's always a lot to catch up on when you don't see them every single day,” Blaise added, pulling her Iphone from her Louis Vuitton purse. “I'm sorry guys, my phone's  vibrating.”

”Hell, I wish my phone would vibrate, “ Nikki muttered, half-smirking, cutting into her crabcake. “Omg...Tara, the weirdest thing happened during 'Pump it Up' class. Someone sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers...with a vase!”

”Oh yeah, I saw that on my Instagram feed,” said Tara with a smile. “You have an admirer? Do you have any idea who it might be?”

”None whatsoever,” Nikki answered, resting her elbows on the table. “And it's gonna drive me nuts, trying to figure it out.”

”Maybe it's Radley,” Tara quipped, taking a sip of her mint tea. “I mean, the two of you have been filming together, and you guys are in close quarters for 'Midsummer Night's Dream'. He might want to ..teach you 'how to surf'...'ride the waves...'”.

”Tara!” said Blaise with a look of surprise. “What has that bad boy drummer done to you?” Nikki laughed so hard she snorted, which made Tara laugh.

”Oh shit, Tara, I almost choked on my salad,”said Nikki coughing into a balled fist. “ I didn't even think of that; I mean, Radley's cute, and he's fun...maybe I'll ask him out to  Spago, Wolfgang Puck's restaurant. I hear the food is delicious,” Nikki replied wiping the side of her mouth with her forefinger. “Maybe after my shoegasm”.

”That sounds like the perfect plan, to me,” said Tara, setting down her glass. “Shoes and food always make me smile.”

”, food, and Blake's dimples make you smile,” Nikki joked, waving her finger at a blushing Tara. Clearing her throat, Tara turned her attention to her salad which was drenched with Caesar dressing.

”Oh wow...Albie's sending me  some of the outtake shots from the photo shoot....he looks so good  in a suit; with no shirt.... under the jacket,” Blaze spoke up, widening the image on her screen with a thumb and forefinger spread. “I hope he makes the cover,” she added, setting her phone in the middle of the table, so Tara and Nikki could take a peek.

”Oh Blaise, he's got hotter since the last time we've seen him,” Nikki declared, covering her forehead in shock. “He's been working in the stables again, huh?”

”Yeah, tending to horses is a workout within itself,”  said Blaise with a proud smile.  “I love the Andalusian mare he sent me from Spain.  Cranberry is absolutely beautiful.”

”Blaise gets whole horses...I get flowers,” Nikki joked sarcastically shaking her head of chestnut-hair with auburn streaks, her yellow diamond hoop earrings smacking against her cheeks. “And Tara gets serenaded on viral video!”

”Aww...Nikki,” said Blaise, placing her arm around her dramatic chum, leaning onto her. “Trust me when I say it will happen for you! Your soul mate may be one of your biggest fans, you never know.”

”Nikki, just think...Radley, or whoever sent you those flowers, is probably shy and wondering if you would like them back. You are everything that  a guy asks for, but you also make them question if they are good enough for you,” Blaise explained, kissing her friend on the cheek. “And I love you...and I want you to be happy, too.”

“Thanks babe,” said Nikki in a raspy monotone. “It just gets really depressing going to all the formals, looking absolutely fabulous, yet never having anyone to dance with.”  Tara , with her mouth full of breaded crabmeat, nodded, the tines of her fork, pressing against her tongue.

”I'm not trying to show bad manners, talking with food in my mouth, but Nikki, I get you,” Tara concurred. “But mark my words...your situation is going to change...I can feel it.”

Nikki, who was on the verge of tears, nodded, truly touched by the encouraging words of her closest friends. If they could find love, surely, it was out there for her, too. The embarrassment that Pierce Thorndyke III had put her through had really usurped her once confident nature, and for some reason, she was having a hard time recovering.

”I think I'm still pretty fucked up over Pierce humiliating me at the Spring Fling. I mean girls, he made me fee so ugly and undesirable. He's PIERCE THORNDYKE, the creepiest guy in the Teen Club, and he ditches me for a freakin' robot? “ Nikki confessed, with tears streaming down her cheeks. “And what gets me is he never apologized. I mean, I crack jokes at him about it, but damn, even as my friend, he shouldn't have treated me that way.”

”Oh!” said Tara and Blaise at the same time, both taken aback at Nikki's admittance. “Nikki, we had no idea you were carrying this much angst,” said Tara, setting down her fork. “But why didn't you say anything?”

”B-because everyone assumes I exaggerate and I'm overly dramatic because I'm an actress,” Nikki answered, tears flowing down her  her beautiful face like a waterfall, her eyeliner surprisingly in tact, but then again, it was Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Sabbath, a dark navy blue.  “Despite throwing the soup on him, I still felt shitty.”

”Nikki, we're your best friends, and don't expect you to not have reactions to the crappy things people say and do to you,” Blaise consoled, resting her two-toned, blonde head against Nikki's chestnut one. Tara, who was sitting opposite, took Nikki's hand that  donned a heart-shaped, yellow sapphire ring, resting on the table.

”Blaise, Tara, I'm sorry...I'm not trying to be that shitty friend who rains on everyone's parade,” Nikki squeaked, wiping away tears with her thumbs, “but I've been carrying this burden for awhile.”

”Nikki you don't need to keep these negative feelings to yourself. Instead of avoiding Pierce, you need to have a conversation...face to face in a comfortable place, “ Tara offered. “Of course, this is Beverly Hills, so a restaurant sit-down just won't do.”

”That's the set up for reality shows, and you notice they never eat the food, and kinda dismiss  the wait staff,” Nikki said, pressing her lips together. “That's for advertising; this is real life. I'd be better off talking to him on Teen Club territory...but he might try to fuck one of the robots...”

Realizing what Nikki had said, Tara , dropping her head down to her chest laughed heartily. Blaise, whose blue eyes had widened to the size of pesos, let go of Nikki, clapping her hands over her face to contain her laughter. Nikki, sniffling, picked up the cloth napkin that was placed onto her lap, blotting away tears as she chuckled.

”Life is funny, isn't it?” she said, picking up her fork to finish her cold crabcake. “Shitty. But funny.”
Lyrics: “Lucky” by Jason Mraz f/ Colbie Calliet
Spago is a restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck
OK Magazine is a known publication for celebrity gossip
The Kardashians are real

Vain- Chapter 35 pt. 1
This chapter gave me an excuse to use "Lucky" a song by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet. It used to play my first few months at the job I've been at for over 5 years.  I can also thank the conversations I've overheard from my coworkers as well as conversations I've had with my clients for the dialogue. I wish I could have some of these scenes animated, though...

Beverly Hills Teens owned by Cookie Jar, Ent

OC "Rocksi" is mine

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Disclaimer: InuYasha is not my property only my OC Natari is. The series and manga is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and others involved. This is going to have some serious emotional trauma, people get their feelings really hurt, things that make you go “what now?”, some sexual situations, some OOC, funky language, racial slurs, urban metaphors, some pairings that may piss the readers off (like I care) some violence, blood...other wild stuff can ride the ride or keep walkin', it's up to you. NC-17

Stupid Wolf (Ookami no Baka) !

“And you knelt beside me and
You started to pray
And the whites of your eyes blackened
With a hardened decay
And you talked to me in a broken voice-” Dawn Golden

Chapter 17-  Soul-less

“Geez, why is my knee throbbing like this? “  Tata-chan asked aloud in a tone no higher than a whisper. “It should have been at 100 percent by  now.”

Crouching lower, Natari , massaging either side of her injured knee with her thumbs, trying her best to release any pressure, concentrated, closing her silvery-blue eyes.  Chanting a healing mantra, over and over, she tried to remove her conscious mind from the physical pain.

”The blood that gives me strength, from day to day, it will never lose its power,” she said over and over, massaging her knee with her thumbs, her mind a whirlwind of so many thoughts. Thoughts of Kagome and their times in the present, thought of InuYasha eating her beef jerky without permission, thoughts of Shippou and Tojiru falling asleep on either side her, thought of Sango and her curiosity, thoughts of Miroku and his late night advice, but most of all, thought of Kouga and her promises to him.

'I feel something,' she thought, not knowing if it was the animals of the forest, or nosy Wolf Demons. Tata-chan was fully aware that being alone in the Sengoku Forest during this time of darkness and cool air made her look a complete and total baka, and also easy prey. Considering she'd been accosted by a lizard-demon  while the sun was still shining, and with the help of the Shikon Jewel Shards, she'd developed a seventh-sense that warned her of oncoming danger.

Unfortunately, Rin had learned that lesson after being torn literally limb from limb by the once blood thirsty ookamis. The memories of the little onna being decimated by the fangs of ravenous wolves; the blood, her unheard cries, and the rigor mortis, made Natari's body suddenly freeze as if time had stopped. Suddenly, she felt nothing, not even the heat from the onsen, the world  around her suddenly becoming black, with no sound to be heard.

' were saved by mercy...'

'Arigatou Tenshi' , said the resurrected Rin after a shiny blade was sliced over her.  The sound of water falling over rocks, and the chirping of birds who never knew slumber returned, the earworm of Rin's innocent laughter rang through Natari's ears...

”Took my hand and brought me down in the morning...And I was sitting, waiting for the telephone to swallow me whole...I saw your face reflected on the resonant screen...And I watched your mouth moving like a tired machine...” sang Tata-chan, as she  straightened her posture, combing her slender fingers through her luxurious, black strands, wavy from being damp, extra curly from the steam . Opening her eyes, she turned her muscular back to the abundance of trees behind her, using the moon as a flashlight to help her bathe.

”Trying to plead with me...Trying to swallow me whole...” Tata continued, reaching down, cupping heated , natural spring water from the onsen into her hands, letting it flow onto her injured knee.  Normally, she would not have recurring pain as she was experiencing at the  moment. Then again, her new enemies and new allies were more powerful, magical, and emotional, challenging her mental and physical empathetic abilities.

'When I am with with Kouga, I feel so invincible,' she thought, leaning against a rocky outcropping, massaging her knee with strong, nimble fingers, hoping that whatever the hell it was bringing on the agony pain , would  ease up throughout the course of the night.  What she really needed was Kouga to use his demon healing ability on her; bite deeply into her knee to loosen the  pressure,  and allow her  blood to move freely.

”It's been a while...Since I've been gone and away...And I watched your eyes reflect me in a terrible way...
As you cast your gaze to the flickering hall...And you knelt beside me and...You started to pray...”
Natari continued, singing not only to take her mind away from the throbbing ache, but also in hopes that Kouga would hear her, ambush her from behind and make ferocious love to her against the rock, making the water splash around them, making her scream so loud, the moon would fall from the sky.

Little fireflies seemingly appearing from nowhere, fluttered by  Natari's face like tiny lights of hope. As a child in the present, Tata-chan would catch them in her hands, make a wish, and watch them fly away.

”Oh, you all came to grant my wishes, didn't you?” she asked playfully, with her childlike, dimpled smile. “Even in the Feudal Era, you found me.” Wishing her hands were dry, she refrained from catching them,  but kissed the air that they were flying against.

” Kouga ni watashi no ai o okutte kudasai ; Please send my love to Kouga,” Tata-chan requested kindly to the firefly that landed on her nose. “He is at the Eastern  Wolf tribe territory. “  As if in understanding, the firefly on her nose flew from her nose to “commune” with the others before they all  flew away like petals in the night wind.

'Now's my chance,' thought Sesshomaru, stepping out carefully from his hiding perch of a flowering bush. 'She will not run from me so easily.' The golden eyes of the Lord of the Western Lands eyes were affixed, damn near mesmerized on the brown otenba, whose sinewy body and graceful curves enticed him, which no ningen had ever done before.

Stretching his arms outward, his clothing removed,  Everything perfect about Sesshomaru Taisho from his well-etched,  musculature, to the silvery -white silken strands of his waterfall of hair  was  bathed by the gentle light of the moon.  As the cool night breeze blew through his lustrous, silvery, locks,  the taiyokai , Lord Sesshomaru smirked, spying the sensuous, brown curves of the ningen who Rin called, “tenshi” for knowledge of nothing else.

”And the whites of your eyes blackened...With a hardened decay...And you talked to me in a broken voice
Natari-chaninued, bending down, splashing  warm water onto her breasts that were sore from Kouga's vigorous licking and nipping, small marks peppering them. As  Tata-chan splashed the heated  water onto her exquisite figure, the smell that Kouga carried began to disappear, making her a bit forlorn. His masculine scent was akin to cologne that humans wore to create attraction and reminiscence to one  another.  The handsome Prince had been inside of her  body  only a few times, but each encounter was so least on her end.

'I'm falling in love,' thought Tata-chan, massaging her sore breasts, feeling scabs on her delicate bronze skin from Kouga's claws. 'And my body's looking like a war zone...well, I guess love really is a battlefield.'

Developing feelings for someone had been the last thing on Natari's mind. Kouga had slowly but surely torn down the invisible walls she had created to protect her soul. Now that they had connected intimately,  parts of his being  became fused with hers. Soon they would adopt each other's words and habits, they would be able to communicate telepathically and feel each other's pain.  Already an empath, Tata-chan knew that she would endure many sleepless nights as Kouga's  nightmares would flood her peace of mind. She could only hope that her gentle voice and memories of her consolation would alleviate that issue.

'Kouga, you will be with me forever, even until my last breath...'

Tata-chan had made the conscious decision of giving her virginity to Kouga, well aware she  would never rid herself of him. Hell, she didn't want to. Regardless, if his mouth never confessed true love for her,  she was convinced by his actions,  that he felt “something.” Despite being a demon, he was male. Not too many males knew how to express deep emotions like love,  or even knew what the hell it meant.  Closing her eyes,  she smiled, imagining Kouga's good-looking, mischievous face, his fang poking out from the side of his mouth. Her warm aura, surrounded her with a glow so bright, it startled Sesshomaru who was watching from afar, blissfully naked, his fluffy white tail trailing behind him.

'AiShiteru, Kouga-kun...'

'That's right, tenshi, turn your back to me, '  Sesshomaru commanded mentally as if Natari could hear him. Natari, still awash with memories of her prior tryst with Kouga, continued singing,  nonchalantly, as if nothing else in the world mattered. The warm water was beyond soothing; relaxing her human concerns. The heat was therapeutic against her tight, tired thigh muscles, the steam purifying her pores clean from the scent of  lovemaking, ookami, and sweat. At least Inuyasha would lay off her nuts about “stinking like that Mangy Wolf”.   Tata -chan deeply cared for the hanyou; anyone could see how protective she was of him despite knowing him for a short while, but his  constant bitching and groaning got on her last damn nerve. Maybe he just needed to get laid?  Maybe he was ballsac was just so heavy with need, it was making him a cranky-assed he-bitch just like his older, prisspot brother?

” "In your open mouth...Silence me in the coursing...Blood in my eyes...Dress me in your clothes...And swallow me whole" ...sang Tata-chan, unaware that a dashing, debonair taiyoukai, was heading towards her, the soles of his feet skimming the surface of the water as if by magic. Sesshomaru, still unsure as to why he felt so compelled, took notice of the cherry-vanilla-saukura scent, that seemed to overpower the natural scent of the onsen which was a combination of the plants surrounding it.

'So strange she smells similar to the ningen my otouto adores,”  Sesshomaru thought ,stopping momentarily.  With silent moves, he quickly immersed his feet into the water behind her. Because of his  statuesque, towering height , the water level  reached  his  upper thighs.  His hair, following behind him like a ghost, laid upon the surface of the water, refusing to break it by his own phenomenal power.

Sesshomaru, despite standing very close, was still cautious of his next movement. An inkling in his bones, warned him that the brown otenba was aware that there was a presence close by.  The perfectly handsome yokai, with the crescent moon on his forehead, and stripes on either cheek,  watched, as the ningen's damp hands combed through  the back of her  curly, long hair.

”Your open mouth...Silence me in your coursing...Blood in my eyes...Dress me in your clothes...Swallow me whole, swallow me whole...”Natari continued, the warm water penetrating her veins, reviving her, her voice, sweet melodic.  Suddenly, she gasped,  a heaviness on her breasts and something long and stiff against her buttocks and back  startled her.

She didn't feel the presence of Jewel Shards....

Taking a downward glance, she saw elegant hands, one that  still looked as if the epidermis was still forming, the other, fully developed, the talons cradling her healthy breasts like crossing swords.  Remaining calm, Tata-chan kept singing...

”Anata wa nani o nozonde imasu ka? What do you want, he-bitch?” she asked vehemently, raising her good knee is case she had to turn to strike.

Sesshomaru, growing around by the feeling of her firms breasts in his hands chuckled. “Such filthy, ningen language coming from one who isn't a ningen. Did I really deserve such a callous greeting?” he cooed in his normal condescending tone. “You skin is so soft...even softer than mine, no worries; I don't plan to hurt you.”

Natari, letting out a deep exhale, kept her hands pressed firmly onto her scalp. If she had to strike, for whatever reason, her defenses were already prepared. Chuckling, Sesshomaru sniffed her hair, not able to quite place the fragrance. He had had never touched a ningen onna before with her build, and had never dreamed he'd hold the breasts of a human...after all..he was not his father...

”What do you want?” Natari asked again, her voice turning cold. “You have your arm back; you need nothing else from me.”

Laughing softly, Sesshomaru, placing a kiss on the wet crown of her hair, removed his hands from Tata-chan's breasts, opting to wrap his arms around her, changing the air from creepy to comforting. This way, he could gauge Natari's anxiety, feel the pace of her heart and her exhalation.

”That may be true, brown onna, but there is something you need from me,” Sesshomaru continued, relaxing his body against hers. Tata-chan, shivering at his quite “gifted” shaft nestling against her ass, wiggled a bit, trying to direct that thing to ward her right butt cheek, but it wouldn't cooperate. Kami! How did those demons walk???

”I have to tell you something, so you will be fully informed. You and I have a common enemy. You are stronger than all of us, but your affinity for the Wolf Demon may weaken you in the end. I will only tell you when you are singing, so he will not hear your thoughts in response to my words,” Sesshomaru explained.



”"In your open mouth....Silence me in your coursing...Blood in my eyes...Dress me in your clothes....
Swallow me whole, swallow me whole"...

Tata-chan continued, as Sesshomaru nuzzled her neck, placing a kiss on her shoulder. His attraction /obsession with her; his willingness to touch a mere “ningen” was peculiar even for him, as Rin was the only ningen that he ever took heed. Since the day he and Natari had met, the day she hurt her knee because of him, he'd been curious. The day she accidentally healed him, the day they accidentally kissed, the taste of her blood had stained his soul somehow, opening his eyes to an epiphany, awakening him a manner he couldn't explain.

”I recognize you; you were there when Rin lay dying. I saw you place your hand on her heart. I watched you place your lips onto her forehead.  I know you contested with Kami to spare her life, and I fought off the guardians of the Underworld with Tenseiga. I will not take credit for my sword completely reviving me. You aided me.”

”Your open mouth...Silence me in your coursing...Blood in my eyes...Dress me in your clothes...Swallow me whole, swallow me whole...

”You have a great power that only you can harness. Do not let anything or anyone distract you from your mission...your real mission,” Sesshomaru continued. “Your secret is safe with me, as I am indebted to you. You gave me back my arm. No one else will know; however, you shared your blood with me, so you have a part of me.” Squeezing her tighter, Sesshomaru exhaled, engaging in the warmth of her aura.

”I never realized, just how warm you tenshis' are, when you wear a face that's so cold,” said the beautiful demon , closing his golden eyes. “We are sworn to forever be enemies, but you; you are something different. Kami made you different.”

'Your open mouth...Silence me in your coursing...Blood in my eyes....Dress me in your clothes...Swallow me whole, swallow me whole...

”Your knee can only be healed by the demon who caused the pain,” Sesshomaru said against her soft, brown, neck that was warm and wet.  “I will heal it for you, if you allow me, but say nothing to your friends, not even my otouto.”

After feeling her head nodding, Sesshomaru releasing his grip from the beautiful brown girl, stepped away. Turing to face him, Natari, still singing, jumped at the sight of Lord Sesshomaru fully nude, his muscles lean and full, his silvery-white hair sparkling in the moonlight like fiery diamonds, his skin glowing, almost iridescent. Even though he was a demon, Natari wondered why he was created to look like a heavenly creature made from light...but then again....there was one...the holder of light and harmony that had been banished to fire and brimstone...

Silently, Sesshomaru tapped Tata-chan on the chin, pointing to her injured knee.  Obediently, Tata-chan raised it, starting her song over again. Bending down into the water, Sesshomaru, examined the bruising. Taking a deep breath, the fill dog demon bore his fangs into Tata-chan's knee, blush-toned blood, escaping . Natari, taken by surprise, sang louder, distracting any sudden thoughts  away from her mind.  Even though the process was not the most pleasing, the pain was leaving her knee, her blood turning from a deep, purplish blue to the deep red that was familiar, indicating that her knee would finally heal, but a rate that was  faster, unlike a normal human.

Natari watched as Sesshomaru gently wiped away the trickles of blood  that stained her lower leg , as it trailed into the water, dissolving  like salt. She had never seen such a  selfless act between sworn enemies in her life of healing. Sesshomaru, staring at her once infected blood that made bluish-purple lines on his gorgeous hands nodded, standing back to his full height. He had never showed any grace or  kindness to a ningen other than Rin. Having compassion for Rin had not come easily as he hated humans, but Natari had literally given him his life and dignity back.

Unable to speak per agreement, Tata-chan, her knee free from the annoying ache, nodded her thanks. Sesshomaru, not speaking in return, bowed formally, before levitating above the water,  turning his back  as he  silently departed.  Natari marveled  his fluffy tail and silvery-white hair , hoping the scene would not invade her dreams.  Covering her mouth, Tata-chan inhaled and exhaled,  trying to separate her conscious thought so she would have no truth to tell when asked about her knee.


Kouga, the Prince of the Eastern Wolf Tribe, was once again in a troubled sleep. When he had told Ginta and Hakkaku of his inability to sleep well without Tata-chan, he , for once, was not being dramatic. Her aura gave him a field of protection as they slept, and her arms draped around him eased his anxiety. Despite being the most clever, most strategic warrior of the tribe, there were  moments where he felt vulnerable in terms of being a good leader.  Having Kagome at his side would not only be an aide in Jewel Shard collecting, but with her role as a miko, she could purify all of his enemies, thus making him Lord of all the Sengoku Forest, and the Wolf Tribe could unite as one.

Being in love with Kagome, but screwing her shinyu, Tata, had his mind and heart torn at times. Sometimes he'd dream of Kagome's face, but in an instant it would transform into Tata's. The confusion would give him him headaches, and his chest would get tight.

A strange beam of light had entered the wolf tribe's den as the ookamis slept,  trailing through the maze of pathways until finally reaching Kouga's chamber.  Laying comfortable on the sewn pelts of the fallen, his head resting on a futon cushion,  Kouga felt the assertive warmth, feeling it against his closed eyelids.

Sitting up slowly, his ebony locks loose, flowing over his shoulders and down his back, his body still a bit worn from making such vigorous love to Tata-chan. Kouga, opened his cerulean eyes, blinking twice before dropping his handsome square jaw in amazement.

”Kuso,” he huffed softly, adding a smile of disbelief. “Holy shit!”

The beam of light  was the group of fireflies that had flown around Natari at the onsen.  Upon her command, they traveled in a large group to Kouga's chamber, spelling out the kanji “ Ai Shiteru”  from the red, bright green , and yellow bio-luminescence of their abdomens.

“I can feel...her warmth,” said Kouga, gazing at the message brought by the fireflies. “She is so kind.”

For a moment, Kouga smiled, delighted at the multitude of the multicolored lights that glimmered in Tata's admission  of love for him.  However, he needed her actions to match and her promises to be met. He needed her to sacrifice her ability to return  to the present by relinquishing all her Jewel Shards. It was a very cruel intention on his end, but it would justify the means.

'I don't deserve this,' he thought, laying his head back down onto the futon cushion, hoping the fireflies would not leave until the dawn.

'In your open mouth...Silence me in the coursing...Blood in my eyes...Dress me in your clothes...And swallow me whole...


Lyrics: “Discoloration” by Dawn Golden

Ookami no Baka -Stupid Wolf- Ch. 17
Oooh yeah it, felt good to start writing on this one again. After finding the song, "Discoloration" by Dawn Golden while I was watching "Shameless" I felt it was perfect. The situation isn't one that is so easy to pinpoint. You have to look at from different angles because it can go so many ways.

InuYasha and other characters owned by Rumiko Takahashi and VizMedia

OC "Natari/Tata" is  mine



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Hope you have enjoyed my latest story updates. What I actually do is write very long chapters, then break them in half, and post them separately. I also try to have a stretch of time in between, because of editing, or maybe a new song reference will appear. Either way, I like to keep you all entertained.

I was reading/editing a novel for an established author friend of mine who writes erotica. I have been reading her stuff for a while now, and I noticed a definite change in her style....there's less erotica. I don't know if it's changed because she wants to appeal to people who are more conservative, but I'm one of those, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" types. Anyhoo, because she has such a strong following, I know this latest release will do well.

And in terms of "if it ain't broke", I found out that I didn't get a job that I was referred to, and interviewed for because I'm "highly emotional" and "touchy feely". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I get very close to my clients/customers, and some have even become friends. So if they give me a hug, do I push them off? WTH? Mind you, I didn't find out this information until a MONTH after the interview. They never called my general manager for character reference, they didn't do shit. I was pissed. The day I found out, i went out for sushi, and the waitress wouldn't let me order the entree' that I wanted. I was so over it.

For days I pondered. I asked myself why people constantly cancel on me, flake on me, stand me up...who the hell am I, Meg Griffin? I was really standoffish for a few days, and not towards my clients, because they don't deserve that. I had to question who to block...basically, who was not treating me kind. I had to drop four people in one week. I had the adult conversation, letting them know that I'm sorry they were so horrible to me, but that's their problem, not mine, and that I wouldn't be checking on them since they didn't seem to appreciate it. When people don't want you around, they have an uncanny way of letting you know.

Last week I find out that the store I interviewed for is poorly run and dirty. I would have been so pissed off moving two hours away from home, just to clean up someone else's mess. I probably would have felt hoodwinked and bamboozled. Of course, I asked my general manager if the district manager knew if that store was the quality of landfill, and of course the answer was "no". There are some people who are just not fit to be in a managerial position.  The title sounds nice, but there are duties to be be done, and having a nasty store with trash everywhere is just not cool. So the feedback that I was received was straight bullshit. The girls who were hired, already worked in that location. They just didn't want any outsiders because I had the best technical skills out of all of them. Ain't that some bullshit?

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