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Disclaimer: InuYasha is not my property only my OC Natari is. The series and manga is owned by Rumiko Takahashi and others involved. This is going to have some serious emotional trauma, people get their feelings really hurt, things that make you go “what now?”, some sexual situations, some OOC, funky language, racial slurs, urban metaphors, some pairings that may piss the readers off (like I care) some violence, blood...other wild stuff can ride the ride or keep walkin', it's up to you. NC-17

Stupid Wolf (Ookami no Baka) !

“Promises made and secrets told
late nights spent in ecstasy
We made love in a bed of roses
For the universe to see
There was no holding back from each other
Both of our minds were free
whenever we spent time apart
Boy it seems like eternity

So I can't understand why you brought this pain into my life
Oh tell me why
I gave you a reason to live
And you used my love in vain
So go on by yourself to survive this alone
You know you can't come back home”…Mya f/Dru Hill

Chapter 16-Shiesty

”You’re spending way too much time with the wolf.”


Natari, her strong arms chock full with firewood to make dinner, narrowed her silvery-blue eyes at InuYasha who wore a face of pure nonchalance while carrying a bucket of water.  The sun was slowly setting, changing the sky to different shades of magenta, cyan, and orange, the air changing, becoming cooler. Such a beautiful sight could only have been created by the Kami Himself.

”And your evidence is what?” she asked, tossing her ponytail with a swish of her head. “I’m always around to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and always around for you to steal my damn beef jerky.” InuYasha sniffed haughtily, shaking his head in bemusement. Women…always in such denial.

”Keh, for such a smart onna, you’re being really silly right now. So what if you cook?  You spend most of your day hangin’ out with that Mangy-assed wolf, staying gone for hours and comin’ back with that goofy-assed look on your face.”

”Hmph, it’s no different than the goofy-assed looks you and Kagome shoot at each other,” Tata stalled, firing back, primping her lips. “Kudasai, don’t try me, Yasha, you won’t win.”

”Feh! In the name of Kami, you stink like him and wolfballs every time you come back to the hut. It makes me wanna hurl, Natari. Does that mangy wolfshit even have the decency to bathe after he covers you in lies?”  he returned, giving her a sidelong glance.  Inuyasha, being an asshole, leaned into her walking space, sniffing at her, fresh, river water sploshing over the sides of the bucket.

”Hmph, you have the face to say I’m ‘trying’ you…the ookami’s trying you ass inside and out, and you’re lettin’ him win!” The inuyokai added, his bright, golden eyes gleaming. “Don’t lose your focus as to why you are here. Kagome didn’t bring you here for a lust connection.”

”Yasha, tell me… what the hell is my focus?” Tata-chan asked, clutching the pile of wood closer to her chest, wanting to slap the inushit out of him. “Kagome’s never told me. I thought you’d be over friggin’ joyed that I’m here seeing as Kouga still has the hots for her, but you’re too scared to make a move!”

Now, it was InuYasha’s turn to stop in his tracks, his mouth falling open.  Natari couldn’t help but notice the way his silvery-white hair blew against his shoulders against the wind.  His jaw was slack instead of hardened, and his eyes were wider than saucers for tea. Natari sighed, loosening her grip on the stack of wood that had pricked against her skin.

’You’re not angry with me; you care…and you’re scared of losing love again…’she thought, bearing her icy blue eyes into the dog demon’s.

”Keh? What in the hell are you talkin ‘bout, ningen?” Inuyasha retorted with a blush on his cheeks, his lips quivering. Natari cackled in relief, seeing she’d surely hit a nerve.  However, if the hanyou couldn’t handle it, he had no right to dish it. She was not one to back down.

”I really wish you two bakas would just stop pretending, and just have sex already…I get tired of hearing her whisper your name in her sleep, and I’m tired of hearing you jerk off behind the tree,” she snipped, her blue-grey gaze cornering his guilt. The hanyou quickly turned his head .

”I..don’t jerk off…ever,” InuYasha answered, quickly glancing down at his clawed feet. Tata-chan shook her head. She was the last person he ever needed to lie to. She liked him as his hanyou self, but didn’t feel the need to be in his business as he was in hers.

”Kouga-kun’s needed my help healing his brothers’ injuries, what’s so wrong about that?” she asked in defense, shoveling her sneakered toe into the Earth.  “I am a healer after all.”  Spying the hut, she nodded t him, urging him to continue walking. “That’s the purpose I seem to serve.”

”That’s bullshit…and there’s no sense in you trying to smother the fire,” the hanyou sneered,  as they drew closer to the hut. “Dig them scratches on your back and your shoulders…tell me your clothes ripped training; swattin’ at leaves and shit.”

”Are you an inu or a nosey neko-chan?” Tata-chan snickered, reminiscing on the happenings between herself and Kouga. “Jealous much? Maybe you should make a move on Gogo so that tent under your hakama can calm down a bit. Now, I understand why you sit on all fours…or is it all fives?”

”Huh?” Inuyasha, suddenly stopping in his tracks, took a glance down at his middle. Sure enough, the fabric was poking, stiff like a tree branch. Natari, continuing to trek, laughed sardonically.

”Blueballs are really painful, you know…you might wanna release that pressure before you explode into kibbles and bits,” she joked over her shoulder, noticing  and even stronger the blush in his cheeks, a bead of sweat forming on his forehead. “I may smell like wolf, but at least I don’t smell like…oh never mind…no sense in me being vulgar, right?”

”Keh! Yeah..well…” His words were stunted suddenly, by a tug of guilt. One on end, it was great that Kouga’s attention was distracted from Kagome, but Inuyasha knew deep in his being that Kouga was just using Natari for a cheap thrill or possibly to make Kagome jealous. Covering his groin with a clawed hand, the hanyou followed Natari’s scent, turning up his nose at the stench of wolf that seemingly polluted it.

”Bring your ass on, hanyou…I’m hungry, and I smell chicken and hoison sauce I smuggled from the present,” she called over her shoulder. “Runnin’ your mouth won’t  get it fed!”

’She’s a big girl and she can pretty much take care of herself, but whatever Kouga’s up to, it’s for his gain alone, Mangy bastard,’ he thought, picking up his pace.


”Do you mind scrubbing my hair for me?” asked Kagome, handing Tata-chan a bottle of TIGI Bedhead shampoo, droplet of water glistening against her ivory skin, her raven hair, damp, clinging against her naked curves. Because the hanyou had been on her ass, damn near riding her to the ground about bathing alone, Tata-chan took a more responsible route by asking Kagome and Sango, who was wrapped in her pink, silk kimono, dabbling her toes into the onsen, to accompany her.

”Hai, no problem,” said Tata-chan, her dark hair pulled into a tight bun atop her head, knowing the water and steam would cause her hair revert to its naturally curly state.  “Hand me the bottle.”  Nodding, Kagome handed her shinyu  with the bluish-grey eyes her favorite shampoo, so much that only  half of the bottle was left, turning her back, noticing her taijiya friend sitting on the bank, huddled in her kimono like a shy child.

”Sango-sama, what’s eatin’ you?” asked Natari, her smooth brown breasts bobbing as she squeezed shampoo from the bottle, the scent of mangos filling the air. “You may as well strip off your kimono and get in here with us.”  Sighing, a nervous look in her brown eyes, Sango, standing to her feet, nervously shed her silk confinement, the garment pooling to the ground. Tata-chan’s eyes grew wide as saucers, the shampoo, seeping through her slender fingers.

”KUSO! Your body is insane,” said Tata, tucking the bottle under one arm.  Sango was tall, with very well-toned muscles especially in her midsection. Her legs were lean, very defined, her shoulders wide and well-capped. Realizing she was exposed, Sango blushed, quickly covering her naked breasts with her hair. Chuckling, Tata shook her head.

”I take it no one’s ever complimented you on your body before, eh Demon Slayer? At least not another onna?” asked Tata, placing her hands at the base of Kagome’s scalp, leaning back against a large rock for support, the prickling bring up memories.

”You’re right,” said Sango, placing one foot into the heated water , then the other, the elevation stopping at her thighs. “You’re more outspoken than most, but then again, you are from the present”, she added, walking closer to her friends, feeling slightly jealous of Kagome at the moment. Tata’s hands were busy, fingering Kagome’s scalp, sending waves of relaxation from her fingertips to Kagome’s brain, sedating her. Kagome, her body going almost limp, quickly returned to her senses.

”Kagome, is this the same shampoo you brought last time?” asked Sango, carefully sling the bottle from under Tata-chan’s arm, accidentally bumping the side of her breasts. Embarrassed, Sango blushed.

”Oh, gomen nasai, I’m sorry…I didn’t mean…”

Tata-chan chuckled, shaking her head, flicking away soapy suds that were trailing down her forearm. “Sango, it’s okay. We’re all females. There’s nothing to be shy about,” she reassured, combing her fingers her Kagome’s hair. Kagome, unable to suppress it any longer, let out a moan so deep, so guttural, it perked the ears of Sesshomaru, who had left Rin in the care of Jaken in a hut at a nearby, abandoned village.  Sesshomaru had assumed Naraku had made his rounds, scaring the locals into obscurity.

The  amplified, heated scents of cherry-vanilla and sakura blossom filled his nostrils, causing his newly generated arm to tingle. Tasting the tongue of someone familiar, Sesshomaru inhaled deeply, a fanged smile following.

’She is near…the brown ningen is near,’ he thought, following a lead that his golden eyes couldn’t see, his platinum hair trailing like a veil.  In his tiny boots, he elevated a few feet from the ground, flying above blades of grass, flower petals grazing him.

The inuyokai, could smell the maidenlillies, the blood…the taste of her lips and tongue filled his saliva , making him uncharacteristically wipe the side of his mouth with the sleeve of his garment.  She had haunted his dreams, passed through his thought unbeknownst to her. Waking up with a stiff member in the morning was becoming an annoyance, and the nagging feeling that he was lost without her unsettled him. He needed answers. For once, the regal Lord of the Western Lands was dumbfounded.

”Ooohhhh..oooh….Tata-chan, that feels so good!” Kagome cried, unaware that her voice would carry into the breeze of the chilly night.


Kouga stared down at the freshly roasted rabbit meat, the natural juices succulent, making a drop of saliva trickle from his bottom lip. Quickly, he wiped it away, not wanting his men to question his sudden loss of refinement.

Her smile…her steely-blue gaze, the way her hair curled when it was wet…little insignificant things that seemingly wouldn’t have mattered to other ningens, were becoming  pertinent to him.  No matter what task he was undergoing, or even trying to form a sentence, the brown  onna was permanently etched in his mind. And it was making him crazy.

”Aniki?” asked Ginta handing him a metal cup of warm sake’ they’d stolen from the village.

”Hmm?’ asked the Prince looking up with distance in his bright, blue eyes. Ginta smirked, nodding at the cup. Kouga nodding a thanks, gently took the cup from Ginta, taking a great swig. Maybe the strength of the rice wine would shake and rattle the visions clouding his judgment.

”Did you just hear something?” asked Ginta looking over his shoulder; seeing nothing but darkness and trees.

”It was a bird more than likely; if anything,” Kouga offered for lack of an answer, his thoughts not permitting anything else to have his attention.  Wiping his bottom lip, the Prince sighed, scratching his bangs.

Smiling smug, Ginta understood why Kouga was being so quiet. Normally the Prince was brash, bragging about the daily hunt, or grumbling about ways to destroy the “Mutt” and claim Kagome as his. Needing fresh air, they sat at a fire built by Natari before she’d left, her grand idea of “fine dining” a bit of her sarcastic humor.  The ookami Prince had been quite impressed with her willingness to gather firewood, and was even more amazed when she used a small contraption that made fire when she flicked her thumb against it.

’You’re not afraid of having fire that close to your hand, ningen?’ he asked, watching Natari graze the tiny flame from a silver Zippo lighter  with the palm of her hand.

’Once you’ve had a demon in between your loins, you fear nothing,’ she smirked, bending down to light the firewood…

Nevertheless and out of sheer routine,, Kouga’s pelt of brothers fallen was placed around his shoulders, Tojiru laying obediently at his side, waiting for his food to be sliced down to bite-sized morsels by Hakkaku. Kouga, taking a glance at the wolf pup, smirked, empathizing.

’He’s grown attached to her,’ he thought gazing at the silky coat of the pup, wondering if his clean fur was her doing as well.

”Aniki, you’re thinking about her…the brown ningen, aren’t you?” asked Ginta, rejoining his place on the opposite side of Kouga. “Her scent is still on your fur.”

”I plan on bathing it away,” Kouga muttered, tearing off a strip of meat, placing it into his mouth. “She smells like Kagome, but it’s a bit stronger, headier,” he added, talking with his mouth full. Ginta, raising his brow, took a sip of sake from his own cup, wondering when the stupid wolf was going to stop with the bullshit. The dreamy haze in his eyes, the random smirks…the ookami was falling in love.

”Those are some pretty heinous scratches on your arms; did you get into a fight with a boar?” asked Ginta pointing to a roadmap of welts on Kouga’s forearms, just above his furry wristbands. Clearing his throat, Kouga blushed, stalling his answer with another swig of sake’.

”Nai, the brown ningen is very…aggressive when she achieves orgasm…multiple ones to be exact, “ Kouga answered smugly. “That’s just the nature of the wolf…we’re great lovers, not just beasts.”

And on the subject of beast, Hakkaku finally approached Kouga with a plate of warm, sliced meat for Tojiru. Bowing first, Hakkaku gently set the plate down in front of the pup. Tojiru, the scent of food, alerting him, wagged his tail, his body eager on all fours.

”Slicing meat for a pup…what’s all this about?” asked Kouga with his nose upturned, watching the pup as it sniffed before faesting. Hakkaku shrugged.

”By order of Natari-sama, Tojiru’s food is to be cut in smaller bits,” he offered, taking his place beside Ginta. “Who am I to argue? She carries such a big stick.”  Kouga huffed, rolling his eyes.

”I thought I was the chief, here?” he asked, his ego bruised. “Since when in the hell do you start taking orders from a ningen? And a female at that?  She carries a big stick, but this stick under my kilt barks the orders around here! ”

Hakkau, scratching his Mohawk, shrugged, in lieu of busting out laughing. Kouga was being more emotional, more dramatic than usual, even moreso  than when Kagome had slapped him. At times, Kouga acted like more of a spoiled woman than an intimidating Prince.

”Well, Kouga, you did give Natari charge over the pup,” Hakkaku answered with no fear, plate in one hand and slice of meat in the other.  Closing his eyes tight, shaking his head in frustration, Kouga sipped the warm alcohol again, letting it burn in his chest. Visions of Natari’s dark locks dragging across the pelt, her mouth wide open as she cried in ecstasy, the phantom sensations of her nails scaling, digging into his humanoid flesh, flushed through his brain, making the fur on the back of his neck stand on end.

’Kuso!’ he thought, combing his fingers through his bangs. Opening is eyes, he watched his comrades eating and drinking comfortably by the fire, the sparks floating into the air as if by magic. These were the same comrades that had suffered from the injuries of Kagura, the wind cunt, and healed by a beautiful, brown Kagome doppleganger. It was a mutiny…a strange mutiny.  His affections were meant to be a ruse, a ploy. Ture that garnered him the most amazing physical pleasure he’d ever experienced. It wasn’t meant to be real.

As if by some sort of strange magic, the most beautiful onna he’d ever seen had taken so much control over his mind, decisions, and actions. At times he couldn’t recognize his reflection in the river when he bathed. And whenever he bathed, it took longer than usual, because the sound of the waterfall took him back to a certain night where they fucked each other to damn near extinction.

”This meat…it’s very delicious. I can’t taste the rabbit’s life. Why is that?” Kouga asked, holding a piece of the meat between his thumb and forefinger. Hakkaku, wiping his mouth, looked over to Kouga.

”That rabbit was cleansed with natural salt and water.  It was Natari’s idea,” the mohawked demon answered honestly. “She said that eating the blood of a once-living creature makes you become that creature.”

’Kuso’, thought Kouga, continuing his dinner, smirking as he chewed.


Not realizing just how tall Sango was, Natari, in all her glorious nudity, found a jagged edge in the rock formation nearby, that she could use as an uncomfortable, makeshift,  seat. Kagome,  standing behind Sango, saturated the taijiya’s long, chestnut hair with shampoo while Tata massaged her scalp.

”Oh wow…this feels amazing! Don’t stop kudasai!” cried Sango, not used to being pampered in such away and not realizing just how much of an erogenous zone the scalp was. When Tata-chan fingers massaged her temple, Sango grabbed the brown onna around her out thighs in order to steady herself.

”Kami!” she cried, feeling almost to collapse. Quickly, Kagome grabbed her friend by the buttocks, to avoid a very awkward tumble.  However, the bevy of naked, nubile flesh, the  angle in which they were viewed, and rolling steam, the innocent scene looked very Sapphic to the onlooking  taiyaokai, as he peered behind a flowering bush.

Sesshomaru, not expecting to see so much flesh in one place all at once, held his lips together tightly. The manner in which  Tata was holding Sango’s head forward ( and from where he was looking, almost in her crotch) and the  downward position where Kagome was pressing shampoo down the lower length of Sango’s head,  looked enticing and erotic. Sango’s cries of pleasure ( from having her scalp manipulated in such a way), and Kagome’s thorough detangling technique were causing a stiffness in his lower region. The smell of youth, females and heat was thick in the air, invading Sesshomaru’s nose like a predator. Unable to breathe, the full-blooded inu covered his mouth with a clawed hand,  still witnessing what  seemingly would have been a fantasy for some, a travesty for others.

“Okay  Sango-sama, I think you’ve been spoiled enough,” said Tata, feeling a strange rush of energy over her body, the scratches on her back suddenly becoming irritation from the abrasion of the rock.

Wiping suds away from her eyes, Sango carefully opened them, almost jumping at the sight of seeing Tata’s lotus blossom very close to her face. Looking over her shoulder, Kagome had either hand placed onto Sango’s buttocks.  Carefully stepping outward, the demon slayer, quickly cupping her hands into the heated water, rinsed off her face. Smirking, Tata-chan, carefully climbed down from her rocky perch, the almost empty bottle of shampoo falling, floating on top of the water.

”Oh dear, there’s goes the shampoo, hope you onnas can find some soap plant from this point on,” said Tata, retrieving the wet bottle, holding it for Kagome to see as she twisted water from her hair.

”Shit; and I don’t have any more in the present…brittle strands it is,” Kagome shrugged, streams of water trailing down her breasts and back.  “But I guess soft, silky hair is the least of our worries, right?”

”Naraku’s been laying low since that last attack; I can’t but feel  worried,” said Sango in her quiet honesty, braiding her hair. “It’s like…I don’t know; he’s sending demons in the weirdest forms; forms we don’t expect.”

”That’s always the enemy’s ploy, Sango,” Natari explained, walking over to the bank, her silhouette bathed in moonlight and shadows. “It reminds me of my video game, Sonic the Hedgehog. In part 2, Sonic was confronted by his enemies. After Sonic bumped them, he saw that his enemies were really his friends in an evil disguise. They’d been manipulated; hypnotized…their resistance was compromised.”

“I can’t say that hasn’t happened to us as we’ve been going through this war,” said Sango, scratching her temple. “One minute the villagers are kind to us; next minute, they attack us. And we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. “

”Because you know they’re innocent and being controlled by a force greater than what they comprehend,” Tata sighed, nodding quickly, understanding all too well. Sango couldn’t help but stare at the scratches and welts on Natari’s back; the healing scars on her knee and arm.  Kagome’s brown “twin” had been very valiant, very selfless in fighting a battle that was not her own, but there was something very  surreal about her…when Tata-chan’s  silvery eyes would change to nothingness and her expression blank, it was scary, almost as if she were a being that was not human.

Naraku is the master of confusion, he thrives in chaos,” Natari added, placing the shampoo inside of Kagome’s bookbag.  “The trick is, to show love in a situation filled with hate. I know it sounds silly, but I have learned that sometimes you have to…’understand’ why the evil one is so evil.  Or maybe that just works with humans…I dunno.”

”You have a very unique perspective on strategy, but in reality, you weren’t thinking about sharing your beef sticks with the lizard demon were you?” asked Kagome, wrapping her wet hair into a bun, giving her body one more heated rinse, the sensation tingling her sensitive parts.

“I was naked and my bath was interrupted,” Natari defended. “And it pissed me off.” She didn’t feel the presence of Jewel Shards, but suddenly there was a strange, metallic taste in her mouth , and her knee began to throb.  Something or someone was watching them. She wouldn’t dare say it openly, but she would set the trap.

“We’d better get back, soon, before the clouds overshadow the moon, “ said Sango pointing toward the sky, walking backwards towards the bank.  “Are you two ready?”

”I have to try to heal my knee, it’s acting up again, I’ll be okay, don’t worry,” said Tata-chan , heading back toward the huge rock.  “Don’t worry about me, kudasai.”

Kagome and Sango exchanged looks. They didn’t want to go through the hell that they’d experienced prior. Shrugging, Kagome sighed, throwing her arms to the sky.

”You’re in the Kami’s hands,” said Kagome, looking over at her best friend as she poured heated spring water over her knee.  “I’m sure Kouga will come to your rescues if anything were to happen.”

”Kagome-chan,  let’s not even speak of such things,” said Sango, touching her defined belly, feeling a strange sensation.  “Let’s go get dressed and leave her in peace. “

”Arigatou!” said Tata-chan, leaning back against the rock, not caring what woodland creature or celestial one saw her naked, brown breasts.  She needed to ponder, her knee needed to heal.  She needed to be alone.  Closing her eyes momentarily, she listened as Kagome and Sango chattered away about what Shippou had said at dinner, and Miroku’s perverted flirtations, which was not surprising to anyone.

”Are you sure she’s going to be okay, nee-chan?” asked Sango to Kagome, tying the obi of her kimono around her waist. “I feel guilty for leaving her to herself.”

Dressed in a grey Victoria’s Sceret PINK tanktop and matching yoga pants with a pair of white Nikes, Kagome , sliding her arms through her yellow backpack shook her head.

”Nai, when she says ‘don’t worry’, that’s a nice way of saying ‘leave me alone’,” Kagome explained  looking over her shoulder, watching as Tata-chan cupped water with her hands, applying it to her  face.

”Tata-chan! We’re leaving now!” said Kagome, she and Sango waving goodbye, despite their similar looks of concern.  Nodding,  Natari waved back, wiping water away from her eyes with her free hand.   Sesshomaru, his splendid robes in a pile behind him, the elegant demon wathed, waiting patiently for his otouto’s  ningen from the modern world and the taijiya to disappear into the forest.


Sonic the Hedgehog is owned by Sega Genesis

Ookami no Baka -Stupid Wolf- ch. 16
It's been a while since I did any work with this, and ironically it's one of my favorites. I let too much of the real world distract me with its incessant bullshit, but I am vowing to focus on the things that make me happy. Kouga is getting some serious Karma and Natari (Tata) is in for a surprise.

InuYasha and Characters are owned by R.Takahashi

OC (Tata-chan) Natari is mine
Amanda in Red by missmjwilson
Amanda in Red
It's military ball season again! Normally I would jumping off the walls in excitement but this year, so many wives on the base are selling Younique and Mary Kay and offering $10.00 for a makeup service.  So I'm averaging about six ladies on the days that I work instead of the usual 10. I don't get twisted out of shape because I am worth so much more than 10 bucks. However, Amanda has been a very loyal client for the past two years and I do some of my most detailed work on her because she allows me too. Other women show me pictures and dictate. Personally, I HATE doing another artist's work. I'm not that artist, know what I mean? The brow is Anastasi's brow mousse in Brunette,  eyeshadows are from Naked Palettes 1 & 2. Her foundation is Tarte's Amazonian Clay in Tan-deep sand. The powder used is Smashbox's Photo Op Power Foundation in 5. Her contour is a mix of Urban Decay's Illuminizer in Lit, and It Cosmetics Contour disc that has a bronzer, highlighter and blush. Her lip cplor is Urban Decay's "Bad Blood". Her false lashes are the Koko Lashes brand available on ladymossdotcom. The style name is "Goddess". I think she looks amazing. 

I Love You All

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 14, 2015, 6:12 AM

I just wanted to let you all know...your continued support, comments, views and reads are the driving force behind my writing. You all look deeper than the fan aspect, and I appreciate it so much. The last few months have been dreadful, but the comments, llamas and such have brought joy to my heart. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for updates :)

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Disclaimer: Beverly Hills Teens is not my property only my OC Areli “Rocksi” is. The series is owned by DIC/Cookie Jar and others involved. This is a mixture of sweet and sass, so a few little naughty words and some “intimate” situations may slip, causing you to blush a little. But I do promise you some laughs and some realness; life imitates art. Rated M

“Come here, baby
You know you drive me up a wall?
The way you make good on all the nasty tricks you pull
Seems like we're makin' up more than we're makin' love
And it always seems you got somethin' on your mind other than me
Girl, you got to change your crazy ways
You hear me? ...” Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Chapter 24-  #1 Crush pt. 2

'Say you're leavin' on a seven thirty train and that you're headin' ...Out to Hollywood... Girl you been givin' me that line so many times it kinda gets like ...Feelin' bad looks good...'

”Wilshire...ooooh Wilshire...” Bianca, her naked breasts lined in shadows and light from  the butler's bedroom blinds, her long , dark depths of hair lay like silken strands across his pillows. Licking a circle around her jewelled navel, Wilshire, easing down Bianca's black shorts, tossing them to the other side of his room, smiled slyly.

'The bitch is already screaming and I haven't even touched her, yet,' he thought with a smug smile, holding her knees, and spreading them apart, the aroma of her need tangy, hitting him strongly in the face. As always, her body was tight, toned, and absolute perfection, wet from his earlier tasting of her body above her navel. Bianca had riled him so much during the movie, he'd snatched her up from the couch, threw her over his shoulder and marched to his bedroom.  

So much for the “Netflix and Chill”. Wilshire though the night was going according to plan. He and Bianca were sitting innocently close to one another on his couch, watching a movie that would make an insecure guy cringe. However, when the lead character began his half-naked performance, Bianca became a bit 'touchy feely'.

”Wilshire, remind me that we need to get your uniform altered,” said Bianca, gazing at Wilshire, her green eyes following every curve and contour of the muscular physique he'd been building. Sometimes, she's find herself gazing at him from the back seat of her Rolls Royce limousine from the rear view mirror, and the last time they went shopping, it was easier for him to carry her many bags and boxes and he didn't trip not once.

”It fits's roomy, my nuts can finally breathe,” he supplied with a shrug, meeting his eyes with hers. Feeling emboldened, Bianca placed a hand against his cheek, stroking it with her thumb.

”You've lost a lot of weight, I see,” she added, scooting closer. “You don't get winded when you bring my parcels up the stairs anymore. Are you trying to be healthier for me?” Before he could answer, Wilshire's lips were arrested by Bianca's, her tongue laced in pineapple.

”Bianca...relax, and watch the movie,” said Wilshire, quickly breaking the kiss. He couldn't allow himself to be so easy, or she'd barge in all aspects of his life. A shocked Bianca's eyes grew wide as saucer. Wilshire turned his head, trying his best to ignore her.

”Wilshire, have you forgotten that I'm the boss here...and you are my servant?” she reminded, nibbling on his neck, then licking it, her French- manicured hand caressing his forearm. Wilshire moaned when her perfect, white teeth grazed against his shoulder. It was strange, her actions...she'd never been this affectionate when they were intimate.

'That kinda loving... Turns a man to a slave... That kinda loving... Sends a man right to his grave...'

”Regardless, I'm off the clock, and you invited yourself over to my free time. I'm asking you politely to please respect that I want to watch movie, so please stop what you're doing,” he said with a very grave look in his eyes, his voice monotone.

”Do you really want me to stop Wilshire?” she whispered against his earlobe, before letting her tongue play against it. Wilshire smelled magnificent despite using cheap, drugstore soap. Wriggling, Wilshire managed to released himself from her grip, the movie getting to a very pivotal scene. Unlike most of the other guys in the Teen Club, Wilshire used 'Magic Mike' as inspiration to work out, rather than feel insecure about himself.

”Bianca, I said stop. Please. Or you can leave,” said Wilshire firmly, before helping himself to more fruit. “You're gonna make me miss the good part.” Bianca's jaw dropped. Wilshire Allen Brentwood, her bitch, was refusing her?

”Fine,” Bianca huffed, sitting back against the armrest of the couch, pulling her feet underneath her, making a space, choosing to stare at the side of Wilshire's newly-chiseled face, smudges of her lipgloss marring his cheek. Wilshire, his eyes affixed on the TV screen, tried his best to concentrate, but the scent of Bianca's naked blossom under her shorts was loud, calling his name.

'Be strong man...' he he thought watching a half-dressed actor wearing a cowboy hat and chaps tease a crowd of women.

'I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy ...You turn it on... Then you're gone... Yeah you drive me...'

'Fuck this!' thought Bianca, unbuttoning her shirt, not caring if the snap of cold air from the AC made her nipples stiff. Taking back her power, Bianca crawled over to Wilshire, brushing her large, enhanced breasts against his upper arm. Wilshire jumped, not expecting to see boobs when he turned to the side.

”How do they look, Wilshire?”

”Ooohhhh Wilshire...don't stop! Please don't stop!”

Payback was a bitch...

Wilshire chuckled, his face wet, smothered betwixt Bianca's toned thighs, his tongue delving deeply between pink, fleshy folds, taking his strokes faster, then slower. Gripping her thighs aggressively, her legs flailing wildly, he feasted, not caring if he left any marks on her perfect skin.

”Oooohhhhh...oooohhhh....shiiittttt!” Bianca cursed, her body gyrating back and forth. “Dios!” Her cries and panting were making Wilshire hard with desire to the point where it was almost painful. He hoped she was prepared for her 'punishment', the one she inflicted on herself. Bianca's feminine flavor was even sweeter than before, her moans louder than ever. Rubbig the fleshiest part of his tongue against er pleasure pearl Bianca hissed, grinding her teeth.


'Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby ...What can I do, honey... I feel like the color blue...'

'Bitch, you owe me,' he thought, opening his eyes, seeing the hardness of Bianca's nipples, her torso lined with shadows from the blinds. Wanting revenge for the thousands of dollars he'd have to replace in glassware, Wilshire inserted a thick finger inside her folds, the tightness, like Chinese finger cuffs. The catch in Bianca's breath was all he needed. She was his puppet, once again.

”Oh W-Wilshire...Ooooohhhh...ooohhhhh...” she wailed, her eyes rolling backwards, her head pressing hard against the pillows. Smiling, smug, gauging the speed of his fingering, Wilshire, with his  his callused thumb, massaged the most expensive jewel on Bianca's body, the smallest, and of highest value.

”Oh...shit!” Bianca cried, her body jerking suddenly, her hands gripping Wilshire's dark blue jersey sheets. “W-wilshire...” Her eyes squinched tight, Bianca's brain turned to banana pudding, Wilshire's finger and thumb were doing a dance of desire inside her, making the ribbon of pleasure that had accumulated in her tummy in slowly unravel.

'You're packing up your stuff and talking like it's tough and trying ...To tell me that it's time to go ...But I know you ain't wearing nothing underneath that overcoat... And it's all a show...'

Feeling the slightest shake, Wislshire stopped, releasing his finger, quickly tasting it's findings Before Bianca could open her mouth to protest, Wilshire slid up her body, quickly placing kisses on her neck, taking a nipple between his wet thumb and forefinger. He had learned the best time to strike the little night demon was when she was close...almost unconscious. The raven haired temptress, sighing heavy, wrapped her legs around Wilshire's torso, purring from the sweetness of his kisses.

”Oh Wil—shire...” she said in a daze, her beautiful eyes half-lidded. She was sober and drunk at the same time without a drop of alcohol in sight. Taking advantage of her melting reserve, Wilshire,kising a path to Bianca's open mouth, shoved his tongue into the warm, fruit-tinged cavern, his hand sliding downward to the dampness between her legs, her nub swollen. Bianca, truly enraptured, her pink and black plaid shirt pushed down to her forearms, raked her fingers through Wilshire's hair, enjoying every ounce of pleasure his hand was offering.

'That kind of loving ...Makes me want to pull... Down the shade, yeah... That kind of loving...
Yeah now I'm never, never, never, never gonna be the same ...'

Even though he was thoroughly annoyed by her intrusion, her pretense of wearing no underwear, and of course, her unwelcome flirtation and advances while he tried to watch the movie, Wilshire, reaching blindly for the drawer of his nightstand, opened it carefully, lucky enough to find an XXL condom in such close proximity. He'd hate to run to the  bathroom, leaving her in such a vulnerable state.

'Damn, we fuck a lot, don't we?' he thought, dropping the condom haphazardly above Bianca's head. Hearing the soft plop, Bianca opened her eyes, breaking the kiss in need of air. Wilshire, his cinnamon -brown eyes stern, gazed at Bianca, her green eyes watery, her skin flushed.

'I own you, you delusional,  bitch; you set yourself up really good,' he thought, wearing a humble, shy smile to mislead her. Bianca, not knowing up or down, could have been bought for free.

'Such a beautiful vase for an evil flower,' he thought, watching her green days dance, her body relaxing. She was so gullible when it came to his fawning over her. Mainly, because he was the only one other than herself.

”Bianca, it amazes me just how beautiful you are even in this dim of light,” Wilshire remarked, leaning down, kissing her passionately. When Bianca's arms snaked around his neck, and her tongue sneaked between his lips, he knew she was humbled. Malleable, easily bent to his will.

'I go crazy, crazy, baby, I go crazy ...You turn it on... Then you're gone... Yeah you drive me...
Crazy, crazy, crazy, for you baby ...What can I do, honey... I feel like the color blue...'


Rocksi had never imagined that strolling down Hollywood Blvd with Gig would be so awesome. It reminded her of New York, taking random selfies with strangers, going in stores she'd never shop in, even peering through the windows of tattoo parlors. Even when Gig grabbed her hand, she didn't protest. Gig noticed how huge her smile was, and how bright her eyes became when she saw the beauty of the night; the lights of the city.

”This is the first time tonight that I haven't been homesick,” said Rocksi, looking up from her plate of Caesar salad with chicken and extra Parmesan cheese, the croutons pushed over to the side of her plate. Gig, chewing on a piece of rib-eye steak, nodded.

”So glad to hear that, doll. I was worried you would be underwhelmed by all this,” he motioned with a jerk of his neck, in reference to the Planet Hollywood, restaurant they were currently dining. “I know you like Tavern on the Green and all those other posh places.”

”I'm always open for new experiences, even though they may be far...far..from what I'm accustomed to,” said Rocksi, setting down her fork, reaching for her Shirley Temple with extra cherries. “I mean, who-da thought I'd be organizin' the Teen Club luau.”

”With Troy and Bianca, no less. How was that, anyway? You know Bianca has quite the crush on him. And if she can't get him she'll ring somebody else thinkin' it'll make him jealous,” Gig offered slicing into his sweet potato. I went out with her once to a carnival.”

The new made Rocksi's hazel eyes grow wide. “Really now? Did she go into the house of mirrors?” she asked, jokingly. Gig chuckled, immediately seeing what she did there.

”Nay, shed never do that, perish the thought. We went on a few rides, and I won a pink teddy bear for her that had a diamond necklace on it. She did something very, very strange, though,” Gig answered, biting into his sweet potato.

”What? Wear high heel shoes that didn't have red on the bottom?” Rocksi joked, picking up her fork, and pouring more dressing onto her salad.

”She took the diamond necklace off and threw it onto the ground. “I ask her 'What gives?' Her answer; 'I have more than enough diamonds, it's the teddy bears I lack in,'” Gig, shaking his head, laughed at the irony. “That girl has everything; but is still lacking. I hope she doesn't think that Troy's gonna be giving her any advances. That poor girl has tried every trick in the book to get him away from Larke.”

”Every trick? What does that mean...thank you,” said Rocksi, to their waitress, Jenna, a striking redhead with a Botoxed forehead and ginger-red, curly hair as she refilled First Rocksi's Shirley Temple, then Gig's strawberry limeade.

”How's everything, guys?” she asked politely, looking from Rocksi, then to Gig, her eyes resting heavily on Gig. Rocksi, smirking, sucked her drink through a straw. Gig, not understanding the reason, looked to Jenna.

”Everything's great, love. And you've been such a doll,” he reassured, with a wink. Biting her lip to hide a giggle, Jenna nodded, scurrying to her next table. Rocksi, snorted, trying not to laugh too loud.

”Look at like fire crotches, eh?” Rocksi jeered with a raised brow. “It's impolite to flirt with someone while on your on a date. Or do Aussies do it different?” Gig, clearing his throat, obviously embarrassed, rubbed the back of his neck.

”I'm sorry ten thousand's just me, I'm a flirt,” Gig admitted. “Which is why Bianca got mad at me on our little date. But dammit, she was just usin' me to get at Troy.”

”I must be missing something here. I was on Pierce's yacht with Larke and Troy. Larke was getting all pissy because Troy was on the phone with Bianca most of the time. And recently, at the clubhouse pool, he was chattin' Bianca up, telling her how good she looked, puttin' suntan lotion on her, touching her legs...” Rocksi pursed her lips. “You might wanna re-think your hypothesis.”,br>

”Well, she looked quite smashing in the gold bathing suit. Normally, she wears thinngs that are expensive, but they make her look older, I dunno. She's been wearing all these 'Kardashian' style things...and her new bubbies look really good. She's not a bad lookin' girl, she's beautiful. She just seems...”

”Evil? The raven-haired opponent? The Veronica to Larke's Betty?” Rocksi offered before taking another sip of her drink. “She's only reacting to the effed up way the Teen Club treats her.”

”What do you mean? We all...tolerate her,” Gig said thoughtfully. “If I didn't think she was...mysterious, I wouldn't have accepted when she asked me out. It's not like it's hard for me to get a date. I'm an Aussie, I have great hair, I can sing...”

”Is this an accent of confidence or arrogance,” Rocksi challenged, leaning her elbows on the table. “Because you sure seemed pretty nervous when you picked me up.” Gig, chewing his lip, recanted on his previous statement.

”I the locker room,it's a pissing contest. After we workout, we inadvertently compare our bodies, trying to silently size each other up. I mean, I was an active kid, so my muscles are a little fuller. Pierce works out when he wants too, he's lucky he's got good genetics, but he can't let his legs and back get too big or he wont be able to fit into his Versace suits. Buck does a lot of boxing to atone for the amount of red meat he likes to consume.  Radley's got good abs from surfing and wakeboarding, but Troy...Troy is that perfect, Beverly Hills Ken Doll that makes all the girls' panties wet. They act like he's the only guy at the Teen Club. They look at us as secondary.”

”That's, wack. I think the rest of you guys are quite fetch,”Rocksi replied with a knitted brow.  “Troy seems about as exciting as wet paint on a piece of cornbread.” Gig, surprised that she wasn't goo-goo for Troy as the other girls, guffawed to the point where fell on his side in their booth.

”Do you think the girls like Wilshire?” she asked in curious tone. “He's a nice guy right?” Gig, wiping his eyes from tears of laughter, got silent.

”Wilshire...Wilshire, ...'how do I explain his situation?” Gig said, sitting up straight. “Wow...Wilshire. Hmm...well, Wilshire has always been the friendly fat guy and Bianca's bitchboy.  And who wants to piss of Bianca? If Wilshire isn't there to heed her every back and call, there's hell to pay.” Shaking her head left and right, Rocksi resumed to her salad.

”He's been working out, though. You see more face and less neck. His uniform is becoming too loose...maybe...some of the girls will be calling on him soon, you never know,” she offered shrugging. “Maybe the nice guy could possibly win?”


LYRICS: "Crazy" by Aerosmith

Vain Ch. 24 pt. 2
Everyone keeps underestimating Wilshire's potential....

Beverly Hills Teens owned by Cookie Jar, Ent.

"Rocksi" owned by me
Boredom by missmjwilson
Playing around; bought some new makeup brushes as gifts to myself and tried them out.


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What are you're favorite makeup brands?
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Are your OC's based on you?
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Are you gonna model anytime soon?

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I just wanted to let you all know...your continued support, comments, views and reads are the driving force behind my writing. You all look deeper than the fan aspect, and I appreciate it so much. The last few months have been dreadful, but the comments, llamas and such have brought joy to my heart. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for updates :)


Hey Beautiful Whats upp and how was your easter
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You are truly one extraordinary woman with a great heart. Take care :love:
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 10:42 AM
thank you! but all the artwork is commissions! i just write!
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You are very beautiful and so are your work!!
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You are very beautiful and so are your work!
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Thanks for the Watch!! Check me out here too! :)
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