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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Disclaimer: Samurai Champloo is not my property only my OC Drea is. The series is owned by Shinichiro Watanabe ,      Manglobe.      and others involved. This is inspired by hip-hop and other musical elements and crossbreeds the past with a few trinkets from the present similar to the series. Now, there may be some things that make you      slightly uncomfortable : graphic sex, bad language,drugs, a little violence, possible racial slurs, urban metaphors..other wild stuff ..just like real life.      NC-17

The Infinite Nana

“ Tattoos, piercings and she just learned to twerk
She ain't got a heart or an ass, just her brains
Gotta ask cause her ass on a learning curve
And she love to hurn the berb, I mean burn the word
That's only legal with a doctors note
Real deep pockets like a doctors coat..” Chance the Rapper

Day 4 (pt 4)-  I Think She Might Have Lied

'I got my eyes on you...You're everything that I see...I want your high love and emotion...endlessly...'

Mugen, the breeze blowing through his rat's nest of hair, tugging at his burgundy jacket, stared over the expanse of the Yoshiwara District, from his seat underneath the sakura tree  on a hill overlooking the city.

”I don't see nothing but red lights from here,” he said to himself. “Where the hell is this pink?”

'Meet me at the sakura hill when the sky turns pink,' the note from Kiiro had said.

”Fuu, she didn't say anything?” asked Mugen, wiping rice away from his mouth. “Anything at all?”

”Nai, she just handed it to me and left,” Fuu answered, nodding to Jin so he could pay for their meal. Reaching into his sleeve, Jin produced one ryokan which was more than enough to cover the amount of food they'd ordered.

”Your not needed. Your meal was taken care of by the lady in yellow,” said the waiter with a polite bow. Jin nodded, still giving the older gentleman the ryokan.

”You've always been kind to us,” Jin offered. The old man bowed, placing the money in his shirt. “Arigatou gozamasu”

”Nani? What the hell'd ya do that for, Fish Face?” asked Mugen, getting up from the table. “We could have saved that for some extra sushi or some trim time tonight!”

”I'm gonna let you two sit here and argue,” said Fuu, quickly getting up from the table, making headway for the door. It was not her circus, and the impending argument between Careless and Reckless was not her monkey.

”It's called paying it forward, Mugen. Given our luck from the past, we need to create more allies than greet enemies,” Jin explained, pushing his spectacles further up his nose. “Besides, we still have money left from the night before, and you are about to get even more money, now. You should probably put all your energy into fucking that girl in yellow, rather than having a senseless argument with me”...

'Hmmph, pussy can make even the weakest man grow a set of balls,' thought Mugen, scratching his head suddenly reaching for his sword. When the scent of chocolate suddenly wafted through the air, he released his grip.

”Just some advice; it's never a good idea to sneak up behind someone from Ryukyu, girlie,” he warned in a gruff voice. “You almost got sliced.”

”Don't threaten me with a good time,” said Kiiro, stepping closer to the tree, pulling out a small, purple satin bag filled with seven ryo. “I pay you to give me one.”  Chuckling with arrogance, Mugen turned around.

”I swear, it's half dark out here and I can still see that disgusting, kappa resemblance that I have grown so fond,” he began, taking his sword and sheath from his back, laying it on the ground “That's very unfortunate for you, girlie. You don't look so good in the light of day or even the dark of night.”

”Well, teme, I don't think you're as frightening as a kappa, but you do give me reflections of a shirime at times,” she shot back, putting the bag back into her sleeve. “Besides, one doesn't have to be beautiful to do what we do. Just have a stiff, hard cock, and let me do the rest.”

Taken aback, taking off his burgundy jacket, Mugen chuckled. “Listen at you. I thought you were a good girl. When did you grow some balls?” he asked. “Or at least start pulling them out?”

”Your charm is your redeeming quality; don't quit your day job,” Kiiro began, leaning against the tree, observing Mugen  as he slid his arms from his jacket, tossing it to the ground. “I was thinking, since we're on a hill, we'd have pretty good leverage; so you wouldn't have to do much work.”

”Nani? What the hell are you talking about, girlie?” he asked, crossing his arms over his bare chest, his dark muscles flexing. “Apparently, you've had a bit too much sake, and ain't thinkin' straight right now. Even though you're an ugly ass bitch, I always put in work when it comes to you...and your money.”

His cutting words would have touched her otherwise, but her selfish desire wouldn't allow her pride  to be unblemished. Being insulted; hearing the raspy voice that carried it, made her thankful to even be alive to hear them.

”No shit, baka; that's why I keep coming back,” she answered flatly, placing her hands confidently on her hips. “I want to mount you; ride you like the samurai rides a horse in battle. I want to dominate you, be on top of you, with my back to your face.”

' Focused, I'm focused...She got a body like that...I ain't never seen nothing like that (eh, eh, eh)..Like a fantasy in front of me..I think that something special is going down...'

”The fuck? You really don't wanna look at me?” asked Mugen, rubbing his chin, his tone softening. “You're paying can have the dick anyway you like it. I ain't that cold-hearted.”

”You are an animal filled with rage; however,” Kiiro began walking a few steps, her gaze looking beyond the hill, into the Yoshiwara District, filled with a glow of red. “I don't want to look at you; I would rather... see the place you gave your heart, to...your happy place.”

Mugen's eyebrows raised. “What is it with you bitches and all this 'Happy World' shit?” he asked, easing down his cut-off hakama from his lean hips, his manhood springing forth. “You might wanna turn around, girlie. You might like what you see.”

' That's right I think she foreign...I think she foreign, got passports...'

'That goes without saying...'

”I'd rather feel it...I'd hate to get sick from the sight of your hideous face,” she answered with a smirk, her eyes still affixed to the pagoda-style roof of  Kiyohime. “I don't want to fuck a monster.”

”The monster's between my legs you stupid bitch!” Laughing, naked, Mugen scratched his ass, the grass tickling the crevice. The red , magenta ,and midnight blue ombre of the sky seemed ominous, but yet beautiful. Feeling nostalgic, Mugen looked skyward, gazing at the glimmering stars.

”The sky is pink now,” said Kiiro, with a hollow tone. “We should begin...”


”Nani?” she answered, turning her head without looking over her shoulder at him, her dangling, blue earring grazing against her cheek.

”You ever just ...crawl out from the hole that you live in with the rest of your kind and  look at the stars?” he asked, leaning back against the tree, his hands cradling the back of his head.

”Nai...I climb the tree, sit on the branch and look at the stars,” she corrected, shifting her gaze upwards? Why?”

Mugen narrowed his eyes, tracing the her silhouette, admiring how the yellow silk encased her curves. It was amazing how the onna fucking the tako was perfect on her behind, the tentacles engulfing her, imprisoning her. The flowers in Kiiro's head seemed huge in proportion to her topkot...he was surprised they never seemed to weigh her down. She was an enigma, a living, breathing portrait of mystery and elegance. It drove him crazy; not knowing shit about her, but yet fucking her and taking her money...but that drove him even crazier. Mugen's willingness, the acceptance of their physical contract was solely, completely based on curiosity.

' Mi amor started slow, got faster...She gon' work some more, work some more...No stopping her now, no stopping her now...'

”You make wishes on 'em right?” he asked, rubbing the back of his neck, flexing his toes. Kiiro chuckled, amazed at his ignorance.

”I used to...but now I don't believe in wishes,”  she answered, beginning to walk backwards. Startled, Mugen's head jerked and his dark smokey eyes widened, as an ass clad in yellow silk drew closer and closer still, the octopus and the woman almost hitting him in the face.

”So tell me...the onna you fuck when you go to you look into her eyes when you strip off her clothes?” she asked, spreading one leg to position Mugen in the center of her body, her furisode blinding his view of the city.

”Can't really...say I do, girlie,” he answered slowly, wondering what the hell was it any of her business. Chuckling softly, she lifted her furisode a little from her hips before sitting her behind on Mugen's  naked crotch, the garment covering him to his ankles like a silk blanket. Gasping, then smirking, Kiiro ground her behind against Mugen's stiff manhood, surprised at its girth each and every time.

' Then she started dancing, sexual romancing...Nasty but she fancy, lipstick on my satin sheets...'

”S-Shit...damn girlie, what you doin' to me?” he grunted, holding her by her tiny waist, the texture of the blue obo smooth against his fingers. He could feel her wetness and the softness of her outer lips  teasing against his shaft. He wanted desperately to lift her, and impale her himself, but it was her ryo, therefore her rules.

“Do you kiss her?” she asked, putting a hand under the yellow silk, taking a hold of Mugen's member, the flesh, throbbing, warm inside her soft, manicured hand. The vagrant's eyes rolled backward, then shut, his tongue licking his lips.

”S-sometimes...the shit just...damn...DAMN! Ohhhhhh!”

'Kuso!” Kiiro cried, rolling her hips as she took Mugen inside her tight walls, letting him fill her completely. Tonight she would enjoy him like the whore she basically paid to fuck him.  She would be wild, free, devoid of emotion and consequence. She would be just like him.

”Do you kiss her?” she asked again, feeling his hands grabbing for her breasts, tweaking at her nipples with thumbs and forefingers through the expensive silk. Mugen, groaned, unable to form any coherent sentences. This tryst felt so different from the others, it was making his head spin. Leaning his body forward, he rested his head against her upper back, his breath warm against the silk.

' What's your nationality? I wonder if there's more of you...She's got my attention, she's confident...'

”Hai...yeah...I kiss her...I taste her...I swallow her. I smell her even when she isn't around. I think about her, I want her...I need her...” he answered mindlessly, as she bounced against his pelvis, her core becoming wetter and wetter.

”Kuso! Kuso!” she cried, as she worked her walls, tighter around him like Chinese figer cuffs, knowing this would liken her to the whore. Out of passion, Mugen bit her shoulder, not meaning to cause her any harm.

”Kami...I wanna die inside of you...Kuso!” Mugen cried, when Kiiro rolled her hips backward, hitting a spot on him that he wasn't used to. There was just something so exhilarating about this position. He could touch her breasts, her waist, smell the chocolate fragrance in her hair..all without having to look at her. Kiiro's inner parts were soft like the petals from the poppies falling from her hair, and her movements against him were giving and taking, pulling him while she pushed. Kiiro leaned over, a little to hold his shins for support. She was working him harder than she expected and maybe a bit too well.

”Do you love your whore?” she asked, almost growling. Growing weary of her questions, Mugen began pumping aggressively, squeezing her breasts, the shrill nature of her cries goading him.

”!” he answered each word with an equally hard thrust, almost knocking her off balance, a poppy falling to the ground, the petals obliterated. In retaliation, she scratched his hairy shins with her nails, leaving red, angry welts.

”Stop...asking me so many fucking questions!” he insisted, pumping into her harder. “Just shut up girlie, and let me fuck you!” Kiiro, overtaken by his aggressive, unrestrained, thrusts, was rendered speechless. The sensations flowing her through her womanly space tingled up her back, spreading to her fingertips. In her mind she was poppies, pink cranes, pocky and white roses...things that made her smile...things that made her feel free...

”That's right girlie,” Mugen cooed, feeling her body going slack, her center becoming wetter and wetter. You're enjoyin' it like like what I do to you...”

'He loves the whore,' she thought, enjoying, feeling, and reveling every stroke from Mugen's shaft, and every tight squeeze of his hands on her breasts. He was right, she was indeed enjoying him...not because her time was growing shorter, but he , not with his words, admitted to having an emotional bond with someone. Mugen's bond  with Kiiro was only physical, but what the former pirate from Ryukyu failed to realize... every time he slipped inside of either Kiiro or the nameless “non-whore,” they would always have parts of each other..infinitely.

'You will always be apart of me you vagrant,' thought Kiiro, feeling her body beginning to shake uncontrollably, Mugen's grip on her waist was tightening, his shaft seeming enlarging inside of her.

Quickly, Kiiro released herself from him, her essence running down from the side of her thighs, her body imploding, making her knees wobble so much she collapsed on the ground in front of Mugen's feet, holding herself, screaming.

”Kuso!” Mugen cried, clutching the hem of the furisode over his member, his release staining the delicate silk. His breathing ragged, he saw nothing but Kirro's body in a crumbled heap, her screams making his ears ring. It had never been that way before. He never allowed himself to 'let go' with her, she didn't deserve nor ask for it.

”D-Did you get your money's worth?” he asked, his breathing trying to return to normal. He was spent. He could only pray to Kami that his energy would be restored to take on Midori when the sky turned completely dark, and the red lights of Yoshiwara would overtake the sky.

Silently, Mugen watched as the yellow silk slid away from his body, and Kirro's crumpled form was standing to full height. Reaching into one of her large sleeves, she turned around, the small purple bag in her hand. Saying nothing, she walked closer to Mugen, dropping the bag with seven ryo on his belly, his shaft, shriveled, with nothing left to give.

”Ja ne,” she said, before disappearing, leaving a trail of poppy petals...

'  Oh, no, no, oh, no, no...She's confident...Oh, no, no, oh, no, no...And I'm down with it
Oh, no, no, oh, no, no...She's confident...You could tell by the way she walks in the room...'

Lyrics: “Hold On We're Going Home” by Drake; “Confident” by Justin Beiber f/Chance the Rapper

Infinite Nana- Day 4 (part 4)
Well Mugen and this mystery chick have a very unique way of having a heart to heart...

Samurai Champloo owned by Shinichiro Watnabe and Funimation
OC's owned by me 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Disclaimer: Samurai Champloo is not my property only my OC Drea is. The series is owned by Shinichiro Watanabe ,      Manglobe.      and others involved. This is inspired by hip-hop and other musical elements and crossbreeds the past with a few trinkets from the present similar to the series. Now, there may be some things that make you      slightly uncomfortable : graphic sex, bad language,drugs, a little violence, possible racial slurs, urban metaphors..other wild stuff ..just like real life.      NC-17

The Infinite Nana

“I got my eyes on you
You're everything that I see
I want your high love and emotion endlessly
I can't get over you
You left your mark on me
I want your high love and emotion endlessly

Cause you're a good girl and you know it
You act so different around me
Cause you're a good girl and you know it
I know exactly who you could be
Just hold on we're going home
Just hold on we're going home
It's hard to do these things alone
Just hold on we're going home (home)..” -Drake

Day 4 (pt 3)- You Act So different Around Me...

”Kanojo wa dokodesu ka(where is she)?” asked Fuu over a plate of delicious, hot sukiyaki, even better than the sukiyaki she always ate at the restaurant where she was once employed. Hungry as always, she stuffed a chopstick full of beef between her lips, juicy, simmering on her tongue. Not wanting to admit that it was a bit too hot, she chewed slowly, her cheeks flushed with red.

”Nani? Who are you talking about, Fuu?” asked Mugen, picking through a bowl of tempura made with freshly-caught prawns. Ever since Kiiro had made acquaintance with the trio, the restaurant's service and quality of food ha much improved. They were considered regulars and not outsiders, and not treated like scum.

”She's speaking of Kiiro, the onna in yellow obviously,” Jin retorted, pushing his glasses further up his nose with one hand, his other hand holding a set of chopsticks with a piece of teriyaki chicken in between. “The reason why we can eat well, sleep comfortably...”

”And get laid,” Fuu sputtered, beef strings between her teeth.

”What do you want with that ugly tengu-looking freak?” Mugen grumbled, talking with his mouth full. Fuu swallowed, the meat burning her esophagus.

” It's so funny how you talk so much shit, Mugen... yet you jump up to fuck her everything she waves  ryo in your face. Too bad you can't buy brains because you really are a baka,” Fuu sniffed, her auburn hair, slicked into a tight bun, decorated with a huge red poppy that had been placed in front of her fusama door. Looking ever so lovely, she had dressed in her beloved fuschia kimono, smelling fresh  and carefully cleaned by the meticulous hands of the nakai of the ryokan.

”The fuck you say girlie? Money's made your balls grow,”  Mugen huffed, raising his scarred brow,  shooting Jin a questioning look. Jin shrugged, not knowing quite how to interject. Fuu was within her right to act cocky, and for once, not like a sheltered, naive onna. Thei time of traveling had made her look scruffy and unkempt. Since meeting Kiiro, Fuu had transformed. Personally, he thought Fuu, as of late, looked very pretty. She was taking better care of her skin, and her new kimono was immaculate on her changing form. Her presence forced onlookers and admirers to treat her with respect in regards   of the confident way she was carrying herself. Secretly, he was proud of her.

”Maybe so, flat-as-a-tatami-floor, but she's paying for our lifestyle,” Mugen reminded, dotting a period in the air. “It's a small sacrifice for a fat belly and room to sleep in, don' cha think, girlie?”

”And endless pussy,” Jin chimed in, making Fuu and Mugen, stop eating momentarily. Jin smiled small, continuing his feast with no remorse. He didn't give a damn; he was finally living.

”But what if...she really likes you, Mugen?” Fuu asked sincerely, wondering where her sudden empathy for a stranger was coming from. “What if she' love with you?”

Mugen's smokey-grey eyes turned to midnight. 'That bullshit's not happenin'...all I'm doing is making her scream for a few minutes, getting' a nut, getting' money...then me and Jin go to Kiyohime and give those chicks money, and I get a nut all over again. So in actuality, because of my get to eat like a pig,” he reasoned. “But thank Kami you don't look like one.”

”Too bad men can't be courtesans,” Fuu chided,scooping rice from her bowl. “You'd be richer than the shogun.”

”Ya know, you've been wearing your ovaries on the outside lately...what gives?' asked Mugen, not really ready to be combative with her. Before Fuu could part her lips to answer, she sniffed the air. The trio stopped chewing, paying attention to the scent of chocolate  suddenly wafting from the front of the restaurant, a break of light blocked by a shadow.

”It's her...”

The entire restaurant suddenly became quiet and all heads turned to the shadow.  Kiiro, her skin bronze, her eyes blazing peridot green, sashayed down the center of the eatery, all eyes watching the elegant sway of her hips, poppy petals falling from her raven locks that were upswept, held firm with golden ornaments, the jingling of her bracelets punctuation her stroll.

'Ya jingling baby...go 'head baby...ya jingling baby...'

'How does she do that?' Fuu thought, watching as Kiiro in all her magnificent splendor was greeted by the humble, bowing waiter, who led her a table in a far corner. Kiiro's furisode was beautiful, opulent as always. Dressed in her trademark yellow, her robe was embroidered with green octopi making love to a woman, a blue obi held her slim waist even slimmer, accentuating her firm backside. Her hair was in the most intricate topknot that Fuu had ever seen, especially with two poppies placed above and behind her ear while blue pearl earrings dangled from her ears.

'She commands so much attention and never opens her mouth,' thought Fuu, watching as two other waiters brought Kiiro a plate of sashimi, bowl of rice, bottle of saki, and plate of yakitori. Fuu had never really seen Kiiro eat everything on her plate, but she noticed always ordered lots of food.

”That's a greedy bitch...look at all that food,” Mugen grumbled. “No wonder her ass is so fat. No wonder why you get along with her so well, Fuu.” Fuu, caught in the rapture that was Kiiro, paid the rooster-haired piece of shit, absolutely no mind.

'She looks so beautiful...but so sad,' thought Fuu, taking a sip of sake, still watching. Kiiro's hands were so elegant, the way she flipped her wrist while pouring herself a cup of sake seemed so precise; as if she'd been trained in a certain manner. Not one drop spilled over the side.

”I going over to say 'hello',” said Fuu, getting up from her seat, walking carefully to the corner where Kiiro was sitting, the scent of chocolate growing even stronger. Kiiro's eyes were closed, her mind on the richness of her sake.

”Uh...Konnichiwa,” said Fuu politely, bowing in front of Kiiro's table. Kiiro opened her eyes. Setting down her cup gently, she affixed her green eyes on Fuu's poppy.

”Konnichiwa, it's very nice to see you,” said Kiiro bowing her head graciously in return. “Sit, kudasai?”

”Arigatou gozamasu,” said Fuu thankfully, taking a seat opposite Kiiro. “Wow, you sure ordered a lot of food. It ll smells heavenly,” she commented, her tummy growling a little. The food at Kiiro's table  was warm, steaming, smelling very delicious. Fuu's stomach rumbled softly.

”Oh..gomen ne,” she  piped, clutching her flat belly. Picking up a pair of black, porcelain chopsticks, Kiiro laughed softly. Fuu's eyes darted. She'd never seen eating utensils so fancy.

”Are you hungry, hime? Do you care for some?” asked Kiiro, offering with a gesture of a hand with red, polished nails, blue flowers painted at the tips. “i ordered a lot in the  event that I would see you and your friends.”

”Hai, yes, I would, thank you!” said Fuu excitedly clasping her hands together. “May I try that beef dish by you?” with a nod of her head, Kiiro fixed a bowl of the steaming beef and rice. Balancing the bowl in the flat of her palm, she offered it to Fuu with a hand so quick Fuu backed away, feeling threatened. It was a movement so crisp, it reminded her of being swiped at with a sword.

”Anata wa daijōbudesuka? Are you okay?” asked Kiiro, noticing Fuu's jerk reaction. Fuu's chocolate brown eyes bore into Kiiro's green ones, tinged with red at the whites, rimmed in kohl eyeliner to a perfect wing.

”Hai, I'm just handed me the bowl faster than I expected,” Fuu explained, carefully taking the bowl with both hands. “It's just my nerves.” Kiiro nodded, resuming to eating a piece of yakitori.

”Where...did you get your poppy?” asked Kiiro curiously. “Did you get it from the flower shop?”

With a mouthful of rice Fuu smiled. “ was at my door this morning. I think the cute gardener that I've been hanging out with, left it for me.”

Kiiro raised a well-arched brow. “ A gardener?” she asked, curiously. Fuu, with a twinkle in her eyes grinned.

”Mmmhmmm....he's so handsome. He's tall, with a beautiful smile..and his hair looks like a horse's tail,” Fuu yammered like a lovesick schoolgirl. “He has been so nice to me. Nicer to me than Careless and Reckless over there.”

”Hmm...Careless and Reclessk?” Kiiro repeated, her green eyes shifting over to Jin and Mugen who were both concentrating on their second helpings of food. They had both reached for a bowl of prawns and were  currently engaging in a chopstick-led 'swordfight.' Kiiro shook her head. Boys...those two were just grown up little boys.

”This gardener...he must really dig you to go out and find you a poppy,” Kiiro commented pointedly. “He could have easily give you akaibara ( red rose), Kaneshon ( carnation)  tsubaki ( red camellia)...or even a sunflower which is seemingly your favorite.”

<p Fuu blushed. ” night, we went for a walk in the gardens at the ryokan. It was so pretty that night. You could hear the sound of the little waterfalls, and the birds. The flowers were smelling so sweet. Then all of a sudden, we heard these strange noises. We thought it was an animal in trouble...but it wasn't,” Fuu explained, setting down her bowl of food.

”Nani? What was it? What could be making noises in the night like that? ” asked Kiiro, still looking at Mugen in the distance.

”A couple fucking.”


Kiiro jerked her head, not expecting to hear Fuu use such language, and definitely not that word in particular. She was sure she'd heard it from Mugen as ratchet and vulgar as he was, but little Fuu...never.

”Kuso! All out in the open?” asked Kiiro casually, placing another piece of yakitori into her mouth. Fuu nodded, vivid images of the night of the  copulating couple and passionate kiss she and Kai shared flowed through her brain. Blushing, her body feeling warm, she resumed to eating the beef and rice.

” did you feel about seeing that..graphic portrayal of lust and love?” asked Kiiro, reaching for her cup of sake, slightly taken aback that she and Fuu were having such a sordid conversation. “Did it disgust you? Or did it intrigue you?”

Fuu thought for a moment. “Naturally, I was kinda embarrassed, I felt like I was intruding...but Kai made me watch. He made me watch and not judge. The onna looked so ...happy...and the man was pleasing her pleasure was his destiny.”

”They were in the 'floating world...and you were a witness,” Kiiro reckoned, taking a huge swig of sake. Fuu, taking a another bite of food, cast her eyes downward, wondering if she'd said too much. Why she felt so comfortable confiding in Kiiro, she didn't understand. Kiiro had been very generous, but she was still a stranger.

”If you've never experienced having a hard, stiff cock of a handsome man being shoved inside of you...touching your secret places that even your own eyes can't see...of course you wouldn't understand the delight and pleasure that woman was feeling. It's gonna seem strange; maybe even animalistic to your innocent eyes,” Kiiro continued, wiping her lips with two slender fingers.

”It... actually made me think about the deal you've struck with Mugen,” Fuu piped, her eyes gazing upward again, catching Kiiro's red painted lips part in exhale, then smirk. “Why Mugen... off all the men here, why do you choose to share your body with Mugen?”

” Sore wa nande aru, anata no sewa chīsana on'nanoko (What is it your care, little girl)?” asked Kirro, her eyes narrowing. “If fucking him makes me happy, why does that bother you?”

Fuu licked her lips nervously, hoping she hadn't pissed Kiiro off. “ are so beautiful, and have so much? Why do you allow such an asshole to tear inside your uterus like that?”

Sighing, Kiiro, setting down her cup, clasped her hands together, her fingers long and slim. “Your friend gives me the 'floating world' that I have always dreamed about. His body takes me to a place where I feel no pain, no sorrow, no fear. It's a physical and emotional euphoria that can't be have to feel it for yourself. You have to trust and then be ready.”

Fuu became quiet. The solemn look in Kiiro's eyes was haunting. Despite her majesty, Kiiro seemed sad. Fuu couldn't figure out why.

”Seven ryo for moments of happiness,” Kiiro continued, pouring herself another cup of sake. “If you think this...gardener can give you happiness for a lower price, why don't you partake?”

”All I want is information about the Sunflower Samurai,” Fuu began, rubbing her nose. “I ...we didn't come here to fall in love.”

”You can only speak for yourself, so is this a confession of some hidden feelings, onna?” asked Kiiro, before taking another swig of sake. “Because I never said you were.”

Fuu, in her young confusion, shook her head. “I'm scared,” she whispered.

”Nani? Why?” asked Kiiro, showing concern. Looking to the side, Fuu saw Mugen and Jin still eating, with no words being exchanged.

”They are changing, and I'm afraid of losing them. I'm afraid that since they've been going to the brothel, they've forgotten why we've traveled so far,” Fuu admitted. “Maybe I'm being selfish, but I am so afraid of being all alone again. But, since I met the gardener, I don't feel so alone anymore. He tells me I'm pretty, he brings me food...he makes me feel...'

”Like your floating?” asked Kiiro with a small smile, directing her eyes toward the rooster-headed vagrant who was greedily helping himself to some dango. Fuu couldn't help but smile as well.

”Don't be afraid to let him touch you, Fuu. It's not to mean any harm,” Kiiro mentioned, her eyes falling back to Mugen. “ The hands of a man can bring pleasure or pain, just as his heart, or his mouth. Let his mouth bring you the most coveted pleasure the world always wonders but is afraid to speak about.”

”Honto?” asked Fuu covering her mouth with one hand. Kiiro nodded.

”Hai...the lips and tongue can bring peace and joy unimaginable,” Kiiro continued. “It can make your eyes grow large like Hitotsume-kozō, the child with only one eye.”

”Ohhh...I..I couldn't,” said Fuu, setting down her bowl, with a bright red flush to her cheeks. 'wouldn't that make me a....?”

”Courtesan? No. The actions you engage with someone you care for are by no means measured by the actions of  a paid whore,” Kiiro said firmly. “Don't ever feel that way, onna, you have more power than what you realize.”

”Me? Power?” asked Fuu taking a glance over her shoulder, noticing that several men were staring first at her, then back to their food. Kiiro chuckled, reaching into the “v” of her exquisite furisode.

”You're a good girl, and you know it,” Kiiro said flatly, with a smirk. “You act so different around me.”

”Different?” asked Fuu with knitted brow...”Kiiro...nani? What do you mean?”

”Give this to your dark, scratchy friend,” Kiiro instructed, handing Fuu a message folded in an origami crane. “I must be going.”  Slowly and elegantly, Kiiro rose from her seat, a vision clad in yellow silk, the scent of chocolate springing forth. After giving Fuu a parting bow, Kiiro sauntered away, leaving Fuu with a face of perplexity and a lot of leftover beef.

Lyrics: “Jingling Baby” by LL Col J. “Hold On We're Going Home” by Drake

Infinite Nana- Day 4 (part 3)
After much hiatus and a rebirth of peace and artwork, yes..I am resuming "Infinite Nana" a Samurai Champloo based Fanfic. 

Samurai Champloo owned by Shinichiro Watanabe and Funimation

OC's owned by me
Purpleeyes1 by missmjwilson
I'm getting bored with the way I look so I decided to FINALLY try my violet contacts again. 


missmjwilson's Profile Picture
Everybody's Aneki
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Follow me on Twitter: @MissJayna

According to my okaa-san, I started drawing at the age of 18 months. She still has my first piece of artwork in the family album in our old house. i used to draw comics based on my favorite Saturday morning cartoons like "Jem" and"Ghostbusters" and basically just drew all the time. I also designed fashion when I was a teenager. I started writing fanfics in 2002 for other fandoms and am happily writing fanfics on deviant art :)

What are you're favorite makeup brands?
- In no particular order: IT Cosmetics, MAC, Kat Von D, Urban Decay and NYX.

Favorite haircare brands?
-TIGI BedHead, Big Sexy Hair, Nexxus, Paul Mitchell, Kinky Curly, Design Essentials and Redken

Favorite Skin Care line?
-This is dependent on the client's skin care needs and I use products prescribed by my Dermatologist

How do you plan your commissions?
I have to really analyze and judge just how important the scene will be visually. I m also inspired by music, culture and colors. There is always some type of symbolism in all of the pieces I commission.

Are your OC's based on you?
-Actually, my Oc's are based on women that I wish I WAS when I was there age(s). I wish I had the confidence they had...not to mention their wealth.

Are you gonna model anytime soon?

Will you compete in bodybuilding/figure again?
-Probably! It's a little tough to get a workout in nowadays, but i haven't abandoned the weights, trust me. In fact I go mall walking early in the morning with the senior citizens

How many piercings are in your navel?

-Living in the country, mosquitos, fleas, roaches, racist people who try to fake it, people who are rude for no reason, people who walk slow in front of me when i have to pee, acne, acne scars, people who dont wipe off their sweat on the gym equipment, and people with no sense of humor.


My momma, my cats, my Kindle Fire, my fanfics, my devart friends, my earring collections, my hair when it's red, plums, sakura blossoms, waterproof black liquid eyeliner, Kat Von D, makeup, and bright colors.

Current Residence: North Carolina
deviantWEAR sizing preference: small
Print preference: smallest
Favourite genre of music: All types
Favourite photographer: Too many to name
Favourite style of art: Renaissance, Comic, Semi-Realism, Manga, Makeup artistry
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Cheetah print!
Skin of choice: Smooth, not hairy
Favourite cartoon/anime character: Jem!!!!! Thundercats! Kouga!
Personal Quote: what now? kthankxbye!

Sons of Anarchy

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 6, 2014, 4:51 AM
Does anyone here watch Sons of Anarchy? I swear that is the one show that either draws me to tears or makes me wanna punch the laptop ( I watch it on amazon) . That is some great holds barred and I swear Charlie Hunnam's ass needs its own Twitter page. 


Hey Beautiful Whats upp and how was your easter
Tue Apr 22, 2014, 7:21 PM
You are truly one extraordinary woman with a great heart. Take care :love:
Fri Apr 18, 2014, 10:42 AM
thank you! but all the artwork is commissions! i just write!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 6:06 PM
You are very beautiful and so are your work!!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 12:27 AM
You are very beautiful and so are your work!
Thu Apr 17, 2014, 12:25 AM
Thanks for the Watch!! Check me out here too! :)
Fri Aug 9, 2013, 2:44 PM
Sun May 12, 2013, 9:08 PM
Thank you :)
Mon Apr 1, 2013, 7:03 PM
Beautuful and cool too? Happy Birthday Ma!!!!!
Mon Apr 1, 2013, 1:59 PM
Hey Ma! Whats up!!!!
Sun Jan 6, 2013, 10:33 PM


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